Load Boards VME, VPX, and VXI Products Datasheets

Load Board, VME/VXI, 50/80 Watt, Size B -- VVL50/80
from Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc.

LED indicators for each voltage, front panel assembly provided [See More]

  • Product Type: Load Boards
  • Card Format: 6U x 160mm (B-Size)
  • Technology: VME; VME64; VME160; VME320; VXI
5W Programmable Load -- SMP7600
from VTI Instruments Corporation

Ideal for Unit Under Test Loading or Simulation. 5 Watt High-density Programmable Load Module. Wide Resistance Range from 0.5 ohm to 1.5 Mohm. 0.1 ohm Step Size. Over-voltage, Over-current, and Over-temperature Sensing. External Voltage and Current Sense Outputs. Fail-safe Interrupt Input on Front... [See More]

  • Product Type: Load Boards
  • Technology: VXI