Operating System:Other CompactPCI and PXI Products Datasheets

1 Channel 1553 PXI Interface Module from AIT (Extended Function) -- 781901-01
from National Instruments

The AIT PXI-C1553 module is a member of the AIT MIL-STD-1553A/B test and simulation family. These modules are 3U PXI hybrid slot compatible instruments designed to support testing, simulating, monitoring, and analyzing MIL-STD-1553 A/B databuses. Each interface provides full error injection and... [See More]

  • Operating System: LINUX; Windows
  • Technology: PXI
  • Product Type: Interface / Adapter
  • Card Format: 3 U Eurocard
Titan/cPCI -- TN003
from Connect Tech Inc.

High speed, high performance communications, hardware flexibility [See More]

  • Operating System: Windows NT; LINUX; QNX 4 and QNX 6
  • Technology: CompactPCI
  • Product Type: Interface / Adapter
  • Card Format: 3 U Eurocard
from EKF Elektronik GmbH

The CB1-OBOE is a dual-port USB host controller, suitable for any industrial computer systems based on the CompactPCI® bus. Connectivity has a name: The USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface is a very popular I/O standard, combining different classes of peripheral devices on a single 4-wire bus. [See More]

  • Operating System: WIN95/98; Windows NT; Linux will be available soon
  • Technology: CompactPCI
  • Product Type: Extender
  • Card Format: 3 U Eurocard
Data Acquisition -- CompactChicoPlus
from Innovative Integration

Plug-n-play compatible, 2x 24 bit timer/counters [See More]

  • Operating System: Windows 2000; Windows® XP; Microsoft XP
  • Technology: CompactPCI
  • Product Type: Controller / Processor
10 Amp Power Relay Module -- 40-160-003
from Pickering Interfaces US Inc.

The 40-160 module has a choice of 10 x SPST, 20 x SPST or 10 x DPST Power Relays, suitable for switching inductive/capacitive loads up to 10A at 250Vac. Power Relay Modules are intended for switching heavy AC or DC loads or for slaving up to large external relays, contactors and solenoids. It is... [See More]

  • Operating System: Windows 2000; Windows® XP; Windows® Vista
  • Technology: CompactPCI; PXI
  • Product Type: Switch
  • Card Format: 3 U Eurocard
COMM+2.cPCI Serial Interface -- 7901
from Sealevel Systems, Inc.

The 7901 is a 3U compact PCI serial interface that provides two RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 serial ports for demanding automation and control applications. Each port can be field configured to RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 for maximum flexibility. Our revolutionary Automatic RS-485 Enable circuit is... [See More]

  • Operating System: DOS; WIN95/98; Windows NT; Windows 2000; Windows® XP; Windows ME
  • Technology: CompactPCI
  • Product Type: Interface / Adapter
  • Card Format: 3 U Eurocard