Tungsten Ionizers and Static Eliminators Datasheets

Compact Bi-Polar LabRat Air Ionizing Bar -- 4009928 [4009928 from Simco Technologies, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

The Simco 4009928 is a compact bi-polar LabRat air ionizing bar. The LabRat is used to control electrostatic problems associated with the use of precision balances. [See More]

  • Emitter material: Tungsten
  • Length: 3 to 5
  • Ionizer type: Ionizer Bar
  • Width: 1.9
Bench Top Blower -- BT-250
from NRD, LLC

Small, compact, auto balancing, audible/visible indicators [See More]

  • Emitter material: Tungsten
  • Length: 9.5
  • Ionizer type: Benchtop
  • Width: 6
Ultra-Thin Type Ionizer -- ER-VW
from Panasonic

The ER-VW series of ultra-slim, high-performance ionizers performs highly efficient static removal using a high-frequency AC method. This method produces an excellent ion balance ensuring that acts to quickly remove static charge from your work piece. Also, the supplied air pressure or the setup... [See More]

  • Emitter material: Tungsten
  • Length: 127
  • Ionizer type: Flexible Output Nozzle; Ultra Thin Type
  • Width: 49
IonStorm XR2 DC Pulse Bar System -- Model 3750
from TAKK Industries, Inc.

TAKK's IonStorm XR2 static elimination unit is a Shockless Pulsed DC Extended Range Ionization System, made up of Model 3750 Controller and XR2 Bar. It provides a long range of Ionization at distances of 36 plus inches from target surface to eliminate your costly static electric problems. The XR2... [See More]

  • Emitter material: Tungsten
  • Length: 10 to 110
  • Ionizer type: Ionizer Bar
  • Width: 2.17

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