Microcontroller Controlled Ionizers and Static Eliminators Datasheets

Scorpion3 18"L Ionizing Bar -- 4011567 [4011567 from Simco Technologies, Inc.]
from All-Spec Industries

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  • Features: Microcontroller Controlled
  • Length: 18
  • Ionizer type: Ionizer Bar
  • Weight: 2
Static Eliminating Bar -- SJ-H

Automatically Detects Ion Levels without an Additional SensorMaintain Ion Balances of +/- 30VOptional Air InputThe SJ-HA static eliminating bar features Dual ICC control, enabling the bar to automatically detect ion levels and adjust voltage output accordingly. Maintenance time and costs are reduced... [See More]

  • Features: Microcontroller Controlled; Quiet Operation; Replaceable Emitter; 2 Air Input, Alarm Output
  • Length: 14.17 to 118
  • Ionizer type: Ceiling Emitter; Ionizer Bar
  • Width: 2.28
IonStorm XR2 DC Pulse Bar System -- Model 3750
from TAKK Industries, Inc.

TAKK's IonStorm XR2 static elimination unit is a Shockless Pulsed DC Extended Range Ionization System, made up of Model 3750 Controller and XR2 Bar. It provides a long range of Ionization at distances of 36 plus inches from target surface to eliminate your costly static electric problems. The XR2... [See More]

  • Features: Microcontroller Controlled; Replaceable Emitter
  • Length: 10 to 110
  • Ionizer type: Ionizer Bar
  • Width: 2.17