Switch Type:Other GPIB Switches Datasheets

High-Performance Plug-In Model 1260-160B -- 407766-002
from EADS North America Defense Test and Services

Occupies one slot, 26.5 GHz version and other configurations are possible [See More]

  • Switch Type: Relay Switch; RF Switch; Microwave
  • Relay Type: SPDT
  • Switch Topology: General Purpose Switch
  • Input Channels: 2
from Pickering Interfaces US Inc.

Models 10-110/115/120/125 are general purpose reed relay switching modules, available in a very wide choice of switch types with Changeover and Normally Open contact configurations. Suitable for the construction of switching networks, for slaving up to larger switches or for operating external... [See More]

  • Switch Type: Relay Switch; Dry Reed Relays
  • Switch Topology: General Purpose Switch; GP
  • IEEE Compatibility: IEEE 488.2
  • Relay Type: SPDT