Processor Type (CPU):Other VME, VPX, and VXI Controllers and Processors Datasheets

NI VXIpc-882 Core 2 Duo 2.16 GHz Controller with Windows 7 -- 780531-04
from National Instruments

The NI VXIpc-882 is a high-performance Intel Core 2 Duo processor T7400-based embedded controller for VXI systems. This two-slot embedded controller gives you direct control of VXI registers, memory, interrupts, and triggers while maintaining compatibility with numerous software packages and tools... [See More]

  • Processor Type: Core 2 Duo
  • Technology: VXI
  • Controller Type: Embedded Controller
  • Clock Speed: 2160
Digital Recording System -- PP156
from 4DSP Inc.

The PP156 is a high performance data acquisition and processing platform dedicated to digital recording applications. The PP156 VME based card comprises eight 2MSPS A/D channels as well as four Virtex-4 FPGAs. Real-time recording can be easily achieved by connecting the FPDP or fibre channel to a... [See More]

  • Processor Type: Virtex 4
  • Technology: VME
  • Controller Type: Embedded Controller
  • Operating System: None
Freescale 8548E Processor VME Single Board Computer -- MVME4100
from Artesyn Embedded Technologies

The MVME4100 single-board computer from Artesyn Embedded Technologies incorporates the Freescale 8548E processor, industry-leading storage options, extensive I/O and flexible expansion options including an on-board PMC site and up to four optional XMC sites via expansion cards. The MVME4100, with... [See More]

  • Processor Type: Freescale MPC8548E with E500 Core
  • Technology: VME
  • Controller Type: Embedded Controller
  • Clock Speed: 1300
from Kontron USA

Dual 64/66 PMC slots [See More]

  • Processor Type: Pentium-M
  • Form Factor: 6U x 160mm (B-Size)
  • Technology: VME
  • Clock Speed: 1600
Processor PCI Mezzanine Card -- XPMC-6710
from Monroe Engineering

Xembedded offers the XPMC-6710 a PrPMC (Processor PCI Mezzanine Card) with a high performance PowerPC ® 7448 processor which is the fastest PPC in its class. The XPMC-6710 offers advantages over other solutions due to its flexibility to update the CPU at ease while maintaining the rest of the... [See More]

  • Processor Type: PMC
  • Technology: VME
  • Controller Type: Embedded Controller
  • Operating System: Linux; VxWorks®