VME Size-B (6U x 160 mm) Carrier Cards and Carrier Boards Datasheets

AVME Series VME64 Carrier -- AVME9670
from Acromag, Inc.

The AVME9670 and AVME9675 are nonintelligent slave boards that interface up to four IP modules to the VMEbus. The only difference is that the AVME9675 adds fully implemented geographical addressing. Both are full-height (6U) IP carrier cards that use VME64-compliant connectors to increase the... [See More]

  • Bus / Form Factor: VME Size-B (6U x 160 mm)
  • Carrier Class: Non-intelligent Carrier
  • Carrier Type: IndustryPack┬«
  • Clock Rate: 8MHZ
from Kontron USA

The V2PMC2 PCI-X/PMC carrier card is a 6U VME that holds up to two single-width or one double-width PCI-X/PMC modules. The V2PMC2 works in association with a PCI-Express host which is connected to it through a x4 PCI-Express serial link onto P0 connector. [See More]

  • Bus / Form Factor: VME Size-B (6U x 160 mm)
  • Clock Rate: 66MHZ
  • Carrier Type: PMC
  • Bus Width: 64-bit
from Monroe Engineering

The XVME-9076 carrier provides dual-channel PMC support for two PMC expansion modules. Each PMC card uses its own bus resource. The four lanes of PCI Express enables highspeed connection for 1GB bandwidth in each direction to the Xembedded XVME-6200 Core2 Duo VMEbus processor. The XVME-9076 allows... [See More]

  • Bus / Form Factor: VME Size-B (6U x 160 mm)
  • Carrier Class: Intelligent Carrier
  • Carrier Type: VME Carrier
  • Bus Width: 32-bit; 64-bit

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