IndustryPack® Carrier Cards and Carrier Boards Datasheets

VME64 Carrier with Geographical Addressing, AVME Series -- AVME9675-4
from Acromag, Inc.

Non-intelligent VME64x IP carrier. Holds four IP modules. Rear Access I/O. Supports two interrupt channels per IP. The AVME9670 and AVME9675 are nonintelligent slave boards that interface up to four IP modules to the VMEbus. The only difference is that the AVME9675 adds fully implemented... [See More]

  • Carrier Type: IndustryPack®
  • Bus / Form Factor: VME Size-C (6U x 340 mm)
  • Carrier Class: Non-intelligent Carrier
  • Bus Width: 8-bit; 16-bit
PCI IndustryPack® Adapter/Carrier -- PCI3IP ( With XP/2000 Driver)
from Dynamic Engineering

3 slots/carrier, 10 carriers/ system, WinXP/2000 Linux drivers available [See More]

  • Carrier Type: IndustryPack®
  • Bus / Form Factor: PCI - Small Form Factor
  • Carrier Class: Non-intelligent Carrier
  • Clock Rate: 33MHZ