AcPC Series Nonintelligent 6U cPCI PMC Carrier, Conduction-Cooled -- AcPC4620CC
from Acromag, Inc.

This board provides an easy and low cost solution that enables use of a PMC mezzanine I/O module in a standard 6U CompactPCI computer system. The carrier card acts simply as an adapter to route PCI bus signals to and from the PMC module through the CompactPCI card slot edge connector. All Acromag... [See More]

  • Host Voltage: -12V; 3.3V; 5V; 12V
  • Carrier Class: Non-intelligent Carrier
  • Carrier Type: PMC
  • Bus / Form Factor: 6U CompactPCI
PCI Express PMC/XMC Carrier Card -- SPR418A
from GE Intelligent Platforms

The SPR418A is a short form factor PCI Express carrier for PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) or XMC Cards, compatible with eight and 16-lane interface connectors found in desktop and server PCs and workstations. Designed specifically to support high power mezzanine modules that require clean power supplies... [See More]

  • Host Voltage: 3.3V; 12V
  • Carrier Class: Non-intelligent Carrier
  • Carrier Type: PMC; XMC
  • Bus / Form Factor: PCI - Small Form Factor; PCI Express