Dot Matrix Computer Printers and Plotters Datasheets

ACE P6 Printers for use with ICE and ACE II Advanced Cryogenic Electronics -- ACEP-100A
from Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The Hoffer ACE P6 printers are dot matrix impact printers for use with ICE and ACE II cryogenic flow computers. These compact printers support slip ticket printing for point of sale deliveries as well as printing to a factory supplied paper roll for long reports and diagnostic... [See More]

  • Printer Type: Dot Matrix
  • Media Length: 69.09 to 257
  • Printer Applications: Receipt / POS / Kiosk
  • Media Width: 80.01 to 182
Digital Printer -- AT3013
from ATAGO U.S.A., Inc.

Prints out samples, measurement results, and measured temperature [See More]

  • Printer Type: Dot Matrix
  • Media Width: 88
  • Printer Applications: Refractometer Printouts
  • Media Handling: Single Sheet
EPT2000 Series -- EPT2014S2L
from Citizen Systems America Corporation

High speed printing, low noise, compact size, optional paper out sensor [See More]

  • Printer Type: Thermal Transfer; Dot Matrix; Serial Dot Matrix
  • Media Width: 58
  • Printer Applications: Graphics; Receipt / POS / Kiosk; POS & Data Acquisition Peripherals
  • Media Handling: Single Sheet
2" Dot Matrix Printer -- MSP III
from Datamax-O'Neil

2" (57mm) 24/40-Column High-Speed Dot Matrix Serial Printer. Discontinued ProductFeatures: RS-232 Serial Interface. Prints standard ASCII characters and dot addressable graphics. Capability to switch printer on/off from remote computer. Operates from rechargeable battery pack or power adapter. 24 or... [See More]

  • Printer Type: Dot Matrix
  • Media Width: 57.15
  • Printer Applications: Commercial / Office; Receipt / POS / Kiosk
  • Media Handling: Roll
Form Printer -- 3520
from Fairbanks Scales, Inc.

The 3520 Form Printer offers faster print speed and paper feed than any other printer in its class, with a printhead designed to last twice as long as competing dot matrix printers. When it comes to sheer print speed, the 3520 Form Printer turns out a blazing 430 characters per second (cps) in high... [See More]

  • Printer Type: Dot Matrix
  • Media Width: 254
  • Printer Applications: Commercial / Office; Forms
  • Media Handling: Single Sheet; Fan Fold (Continuous)
8808 Heavy Duty Ticket Printer
from Mettler-Toledo, Inc.

The 8808 heavy duty ticket printer has the power to print through thick tickets and forms, making it ideal for use in vehicle or industrial applications. Using a high-speed bi-directional printhead, the 8808 printer is fast and reliable. It offers a 40/66 column print width, inverted printing, and... [See More]

  • Printer Type: Dot Matrix
  • Media Length: 71.12 to 297
  • Printer Applications: Receipt / POS / Kiosk; Tickets
  • Media Width: 71.12 to 210
Tally Genicom Serial Matrix 2248 Printer (10 cpi: 400cps; .. -- 224801-CA
from Universal Laser, Inc.

Tally Genicom Serial Matrix 2248 Printer (10 cpi: 400cps; 12 cpi: 480 cps). 80 Column USB/10/100 Ethernet. Handles everything from multipart forms and single sheets to labels and envelopes. [See More]

  • Printer Type: Dot Matrix