Asphalt / Pavement Property Testing Equipment Datasheets

Softening Point of Bitumen, Binders, Resins & Thermoplastic Adhesives - Ring & Ball Method - (automatic) Tester -- RKA-5
from Anton Paar

Standard(s): ASTM D 36, ASTM E 28, ISO 4625-1, DIN 1996-15, EN 1238, EN 1427, EN 1871-F, EN 13179-1, IP 58, JIS K2207, NF T66-008 (obs.), AASHTO T53. Product group(s): Consistency & Ductility. User group(s): Adhesives, Asphalt, Asphalt Cement, Batteries, Bitumen, Marine, Paint, Pavement, Road... [See More]

  • Test Media: Asphalt / Pavement
  • Properties Analyzed: Ductility; Consistency / % Solids
  • Methods, Technology & Standards: Ring and Ball Method
  • Display & Special Features: Video
Automated Softening Point Tester -- asp-6
from CANNON Instrument Company

asp-6 automates the softening point test by ring-and-ball method for bitumen or similar substances, prescribed in ASTM D36, ASTM E28, EN 1427 and IP 58. The theme of the 6th generation model is “Ergonomic, Versatile and Premium ”. A photo-electric device with wide light beam is employed... [See More]

  • Test Media: Asphalt / Pavement
  • Mounting / Loading Options: Benchtop or Laboratory
  • Properties Analyzed: Softening Point
  • Display & Special Features: Digital
Air Entrainment Meter (both type A and type B)
from Tinius Olsen, Inc.

Concrete Consistency and Workability Equipment. Consistency is a general term that is related to the relative fluidity of concrete and is an indication of the amount of mixed water to the amount of dry materials. Workability is an indication of the ease with which concrete can be placed in shape or... [See More]

  • Test Media: Concrete/Mortar; Asphalt / Pavement; Building & Construction Materials
  • Properties Analyzed: Flowability / Workability
  • Methods, Technology & Standards: EN 12350-7; ASTM C 231, ASTM C 213
  • Mounting / Loading Options: Handheld, Portable or Field