Surface Energy / Tension Property Testing Equipment Datasheets

Tensiometer -- T4
from Decagon Devices, Inc.

The low-maintenance T4 tensiometer was developed for outdoor monitoring projects. Since the T4's ceramic tip is the only part that fills with water, it is suitable for year-round operation when installed at a frost-free depth. The atmospheric reference pressure is transferred through an... [See More]

  • Properties Analyzed: LiquidPermeability; Surface Energy / Tension; Water Potential
  • Test Media: Soil
Micron Penetration Analyzer -- Model PNT
from Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

The Hosokawa Micorn Penetration analyzer provides exact means of evaluating and measuring surface properties and wettability of powder, paper, fiber and other materials. [See More]

  • Properties Analyzed: Surface Energy / Tension; Wettability / Contact Angle
  • Mounting / Loading Options: Benchtop or Laboratory
  • Test Media: Fiber; Paper; Powders
  • Display & Special Features: Digital
from Kruss USA

Precise determination of surface age and bubble frequency [See More]

  • Properties Analyzed: Surface Energy / Tension
  • Display & Special Features: Digital; PC Interface / Networkable; Video

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