Sensor System Flame Detectors Datasheets

Hi-Temp UV Flame Detector -- FL3111HT
from General Monitors, Inc.

The Model FL3111HT is a high temperature rated (125 °C) ultraviolet (UV) optical flame detector designed to detect unwanted fires while maintaining false alarm immunity. The FL3111HT detects only in the UV spectral range for optimized speed of response. The FL3111HT's electronics are integral... [See More]

  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Max Detector Range (Sensitivity): 50
  • Max Response Time: 1.00
  • Field of View (Vertical/Horizontal): 110 Deg. Horizontal, 115 Deg. Vertical
FlameGard® 5 Test Lamp
from MSA - The Safety Company

With its high-energy broadband radiation source, the battery-operated FlameGardĀ® 5 Test Lamp is precision-designed to test MSA's FlameGardĀ® 5 MSIR, UV/IR, and UV/IR-H2 Flame Detectors. The rechargeable test lamp provides a radiation source that emits sufficient energy in both the ultraviolet and... [See More]

  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Output Options: ultraviolet and infrared spectra
  • Sensor Technology: Test Lamp
  • Features: Explosion Proof
Flame Detector -- Model 3100
from Sierra Monitor Corporation

The Sierra Monitor Model 3100 Series Flame Detector utilizes Ultraviolet, Infrared and Visible spectrum to provide continuous and reliable flame detection. Flame detectors incorporating just IR or just UV can experience false alarms. Even some IR/UV detectors can experience false alarms. But the... [See More]

  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Max Detector Range (Sensitivity): 15 to 80
  • Max Response Time: 3.00
  • Field of View (Vertical/Horizontal): 120 full cone
FS System 7 Fire Detection System -- 670x-2
from Terra Universal, Inc.

The ideal monitoring system for wet benches, exhaust fume lines, and other potentially hazardous cleanroom equipment involving volatile chemicals. Multi-spectral IR flame detector senses all types of fires, even through gases and vapors. Electro-optical sensor design meets Factory Mutual (FM)... [See More]

  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Field of View (Vertical/Horizontal): 120/120
  • Max Detector Range (Sensitivity): 8
  • Sensor Technology: Multi-IR Detector
QUASAR Flare Stack Model 8100FM-EXP -- Quasar M8100FM-EXP
from Mikron Infrared Inc.

Multi-wavelength infrared thermometer sensitive to all flame including H2 [See More]

  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Max Detector Range (Sensitivity): 1320
  • Max Response Time: 0.10
  • Field of View (Vertical/Horizontal): Distance/37.5 - 400m max.
Digital Flame-Out Locator -- DFL
from Pyronics, Inc.

Panel mount display of indicator lights, numeric display, unique memory [See More]

  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Output Options: Output is a switch or alarm signal
  • Sensor Technology: Optical Detector
  • Communication Interface Options: Serial Interface
01 Series -- GP-01
from RKI Instruments, Inc.

Impact and water resistant, 2 year warranty, low battery alarm [See More]

  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Sensor Technology: Gas Monitor
  • Max Response Time: 30.00
  • Display Options: Digital Readouts
Multi-Spectrum QuadBand Triple IR -- FS24X
from Sensidyne, LP

Detects hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon fuel fires, minimal maintenance [See More]

  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Max Detector Range (Sensitivity): 200
  • Max Response Time: 5.00
  • Sensor Technology: Multi-IR Detector; Visible