Digital Readouts Flame Detectors Datasheets

Single-Channel Trip Module -- TA402A
from General Monitors, Inc.

The General Monitors Model TA402A is a single channel trip amplifier module that has been designed for use with General Monitors' FL3100 series flame detectors. It is designed to monitor for the presence of fire and provide status indication and alarm outputs. Microprocessor-based electronics allow... [See More]

  • Display Options: Digital Readouts
  • Max Response Time: 1.00
  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Max Detector Range (Sensitivity): 50
Digital Flame-Out Locator -- DFL
from Pyronics, Inc.

Panel mount display of indicator lights, numeric display, unique memory [See More]

  • Display Options: Analog Display; Digital Readouts
  • Sensor Technology: Optical Detector
  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Output Options: Output is a switch or alarm signal
01 Series -- GP-01
from RKI Instruments, Inc.

Impact and water resistant, 2 year warranty, low battery alarm [See More]

  • Display Options: Digital Readouts
  • Max Response Time: 30.00
  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Sensor Technology: Gas Monitor