Output Options:Other Flame Detectors Datasheets

IR Flame Detector -- X9800
from Det-Tronics

Approved to FM 3260 (2000), the X9800 meets the most stringent requirements worldwide with advanced detection capabilities and immunity to extraneous sources, combined with a superior mechanical design. The detector is equipped with both automatic and manual optical integrity test capability. The... [See More]

  • Output Options: Outputs an analog current signal (i.e., 4-20 mA); Output is a switch or alarm signal; EQP Addressable, Pulse
  • Max Response Time: 0.04 to 15.00
  • Device Classification: Sensor
  • Max Detector Range (Sensitivity): 2 to 85
FlameGard® 5 Test Lamp
from MSA - The Safety Company

With its high-energy broadband radiation source, the battery-operated FlameGardĀ® 5 Test Lamp is precision-designed to test MSA's FlameGardĀ® 5 MSIR, UV/IR, and UV/IR-H2 Flame Detectors. The rechargeable test lamp provides a radiation source that emits sufficient energy in both the ultraviolet and... [See More]

  • Output Options: ultraviolet and infrared spectra
  • Sensor Technology: Test Lamp
  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Features: Explosion Proof
Flame Detector - FV-300
from Scott Safety

The Scott Safety FV-300 FLAMEVision is a revolutionary flame detection instrument that utilizes a focal plane array (FPA) of 256 infrared sensors as a sensing component to locate the angular position of a fire within the field of view. An optional CCTV camera can provide location information that is... [See More]

  • Output Options: Outputs an analog voltage signal; Output is a switch or alarm signal; RS-485
  • Sensor Technology: IR Detector Only; IR Array
  • Device Classification: Sensor
  • Communication Interface Options: Serial Interface
IR Flame Detector -- Model 3600-R
from Sierra Monitor Corporation

Model 3600-R detects hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires using advanced flame analysis tools. The detector provides early warning of flaming fires working at 4.4 µm for maximum sensitivity, and immunity to false alarms from IR sources such as sunlight and IR projectors. The 3600R is the most... [See More]

  • Output Options: Outputs an analog current signal (i.e., 4-20 mA); Output is a switch or alarm signal; Relay, HART, RS-485
  • Max Response Time: 5.00
  • Device Classification: Sensor System
  • Max Detector Range (Sensitivity): 1