Floating Beam Light Curtains Datasheets

SE4-14 Advanced Series -- SE4-14-015-PP-N
from HTM Electronics Industries

21 beams, simple side rail mounting system, simple wiring to safety relay [See More]

  • Features: Blanking or Banking; Floating Beam; Integral Alignment Status LEDs; Muting; Self-checking Circuitry
  • Protection Height: 6.34
  • Spanning Distance: 7.87 to 236
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 0.5500
Ultra-slim Type 4 Safety Light Curtain, 0.5m Quick Connect -- SF4C-F15-J05
from Panasonic

Ultra-Slim type 4 light curtain designed specifically with small machines in mind. Introducing a Type 4 light curtain that combines high end performance with an ultra-slim enclosure. The Panasonic SF4C series has been designed to offer a machine safeguarding solution without sacrificing... [See More]

  • Features: Blanking or Banking; Floating Beam; Integral Fault or Equipment Status LCD; Integral Alignment Status LEDs; Multiple Openings Protection; Muting; Self-checking Circuitry
  • Protection Height: 6.3
  • Spanning Distance: 118
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 0.5512
MicroGuard® -- MG-04
from Pinnacle Systems, Inc.

1/2" or 1" beam spacing, comes with metal box or DIN-rail controller module [See More]

  • Features: Blanking or Banking (optional feature); Floating Beam (optional feature); Latching Safety Relays (Guard Mode) (optional feature); Multiple Openings Protection; Muting (optional feature); Self-checking Circuitry
  • Protection Height: 3.5
  • Spanning Distance: ? to 420
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 0.7500