Focus II - Safety Light Curtains and Light Grids

Focus is a new version of our previous Light Grid/Light. Curtain Focus. Features such as muting and override. are standard in all Focus Light Curtains and Light Grids. For Light Curtains, blanking and break functions are also standard. The optical sensors on Focus also have variable channel... [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets
  • Protection Height: 5.91 to 94.49
  • Spanning Distance: 118 to 1575
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 0.5512 to 1.18
GuardMaster® Micro 400 IP69K Safety Light Curtain -- 445L-P4C0300KD
from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

The Allen-Bradley ® GuardMaster ® Micro 400 safety light curtain from Rockwell Automation ® offers an expanded product solution with an. Environmental rating of IP69K. This new product offering is targeted to industry applications requiring high-pressure/high-temperature washdown. These... [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 0.5512
  • Protection Height: 11.81
  • Basic Object Detection: Finger
Beam-Array™ -- BMLV18C [BMLV18C from Banner Engineering Corp.]
from Carlton-Bates Company

BEAM-ARRAY BMLV Series Retroflective Parts Counting light Screen systems consist of BMLV sensor and a suitable retroreflective target. These are not measuring light curtain systems. They do not use external controllers or control modules. BMLV systems are designed for object detection in... [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets
  • Protection Height: 2
  • Spanning Distance: 12 to 120
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 2
Admiral Light Curtain
from Euchner-U.S.A., Inc.

Admiral, a Type 4 light curtain for the protection of workers exposed to risks arising from the use of dangerous machines. Models are available with Floating Blanking. Special versions are available with IP 67 watertight enclosures. The safety barrier Admiral, with its two safe static outputs, can... [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets
  • Protection Height: 6.3 to 71.26
  • Spanning Distance: 2362
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 0.5512 to 3.54
from ifm efector inc.

Safety light curtain, Probe length 213 mm, DC PNP, Quick disconnect, 2 x PNP [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets; Floor; Swivel
  • Protection Height: 6.3
  • Spanning Distance: 0.0 to 236
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 0.5512
KEYENCE Safety Light Curtain: GL-R Series -- GL-R04L

KEYENCE Safety Light Curtain: GL-R Series. •. Heavy Duty Design. •. Simplified Wiring and Installation. •. Built-In Functionality. KEYENCE'S GL-R series safety light curtains feature a Strong, Simple, and Smart design. The strength of the GL-R comes from its robust, yet slim, design,... [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets
  • Protection Height: 8.07
  • Spanning Distance: 7.87 to 591
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 1.77
Robust Light Curtain -- SF2-EH12
from Panasonic

The SF2-EH series of safety light curtains provides Type 4 protection for complete machine safeguarding applications. With a maximum individual sensor height of 1580mm and a 10m detection distance, one sensor can cover the are that previously required 2 sensors. Further expansion can be performed by... [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets
  • Protection Height: 8.66
  • Spanning Distance: 11.8 to 394
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 1.18
Safety Light Curtains -- Series SLC 220
from Schmersal Inc.

• Protection class IP65. • Safety type 2 in accordance with IEC 61496-1. • Resolution 30 and 80 mm. • Protection field height from 175 mm … 1675 mm [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets
  • Protection Height: 6.89 to 65.94
  • Spanning Distance: 11.81 to 551
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 1.18 to 3.15
cegard™/Process Fast -- LVH800/Fx
from CEDES Corporation of America

Applications: counting individual parts, packaging machines [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets
  • Protection Height: 70.87
  • Spanning Distance: 0.3937 to 1.77
  • Response Time: 70
SE4-14 Advanced Series -- SE4-14-015-PP-N
from HTM Electronics Industries

21 beams, simple side rail mounting system, simple wiring to safety relay [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets
  • Protection Height: 6.34
  • Spanning Distance: 7.87 to 236
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 0.5500
Body Detection MicroGuard® -- DR-100-OF1-20-P9
from Pinnacle Systems, Inc.

Entry/exit area guard of hazardous work cells [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets (optional feature)
  • Protection Height: 100
  • Spanning Distance: ? to 240
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 9
from SICK

Allows customers to use DIP switches for configuration - rather than a PC [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets; Floor
  • Safety Category Type: Type 4
  • Basic Object Detection: Hand; Body
  • Controller: Integral
Safety Light Curtain -- SG2-14IE015C1
from wenglor sensoric

These safety light curtains are distinguished by their compact design. They are also equipped with numerous auxiliary functions, allowing for adaptation to the respective application in a highly individualized fashion. [See More]

  • Mounting: Brackets
  • Protection Height: 6.46
  • Spanning Distance: 9.84 to 276
  • Sensitivity or Resolution: 0.5512