Synchronous Time Division Multiplexers (TDM) Datasheets

Coax to Fiber Optic Multiplexer -- Model 3700
from S.I. Tech, Inc.

The S.I.Tech 3700 Multiplexer is designed to work with IBM Main- frame computers and 3174, 3274, and other coaxial controllers using coax cable. Model 2870 Bit-Driver is for 1 port while model 3799, a 4 port mux, is for 8 to 1 premultiplexed signals. Model 3700 multip- lexers can be used up to 32... [See More]

  • Transfer Mode: Synchronous
  • Connector Type: SMA (optional feature); ST
  • Cable Type: Single Mode (optional feature); Multimode
  • Data Rate: 0.0050
TDM Fiber Optic Multiplexer -- 3240s
from Canoga Perkins Corporation

When reliable, cost effective fiber optic transport of multiple T-1s and/or E-1s is the requirement, the 3240S T-1/E-1 Fiber Optic Multiplexer is the solution. The 3240S's unique architecture enables both Point-to-Point, Multi-Point and Ring networking.Management provides access to all network nodes... [See More]

  • Transfer Mode: Synchronous
  • Connector Type: FC (optional feature); ST
  • Cable Type: Single Mode; Multimode; Single Mode / Multimode
  • Data Rate: 0.0020

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