Dynamic Tracking C-Track
from Creaform Inc.

The C-Track dual-camera sensor is a complete portable 3D measurement solution that offers probing inspection and dynamic measurement capabilities. It is fitted with high-quality optics and special lighting, enabling it to measure all reflectors within its operating space. The probing stylus is very... [See More]

  • Probe / Head: Still Camera
  • Mounting Options: Free Standing; Portable
  • Control: Manual
  • x-axis Linear: 0.00087 to 0.00118
from Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology, LLC

Multi-Sensor CMM with MPS for probe changes [See More]

  • Probe / Head: Touch Probe (Discrete Point); Still Camera (optional feature); Multi-sensor; VAST XT Active Scanning and Articulating
  • Operation: Bridge
  • Control: Manual; CNC; PC; Joystick Controller
  • Mounting Options: Free Standing