F-Mount Camera Lenses and Video Lenses Datasheets

Rodagon F
from Qioptiq

The Rodagon F series was developed by Qioptiq to fix an industrial lens onto an F-Mount camera, with a great price/performance ratio. The completely new and very robust mechanical design, without moving parts, makes it possible for the first time to use enlarging lenses with focal lengths from 40 to... [See More]

  • Lens Mount: F-Mount
  • Aperture (F): 2.8 to 5.6
  • Range: 40 to 60
  • Filter Thread Diameter: 40.5
360° Full Circle View Lens -- PAL-S60F
from American Accurate Components (AAC)

Compatible with digital cameras, supports pan/zoom/tilt through software [See More]

  • Lens Mount: F-Mount
  • Specialty / Application: WideAngle; 360° View
  • Type: Fixed
  • Width / Diameter: 68
Cosmicar C52893F
from Image Labs International

50 [See More]

  • Lens Mount: F-Mount
  • Type: Zoom
  • Iris Control: Manual Iris Control
  • Optical Format: 1.77
35mm SLR Fisheye Lens (22mm image)
from JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Inc.

This spherical fish-eye lens captures a 185-degree field of view in a 22 mm diameter circular image. The lens has very low f-Theta distortion and is used for full sky astrophotography, remote sensing and hemispherical imaging instruments. The lens is equipped with an adjustable (manual) iris and... [See More]

  • Lens Mount: F-Mount
  • Type: Fixed
  • Iris Control: Manual Iris Control
  • Range: 7.45
Zeiss Macro-Planar 50mm f/2 ZF.2 lens for Nikon SLR Cameras -- 1771-845
from ZGC, Inc.

Zeiss Macro-Planar 50mm f/2 ZF.2 lens for Nikon SLR Cameras. The Speed Macro. The Makro-Planar T* 2/50 ZF.2 (with CPU) is the fastest 50 mm macro lens for the 24 x 36 full frame. Very high image quality over the entire focusing range from infinity to the close-focus limit at half life-size. Optical... [See More]

  • Lens Mount: F-Mount
  • Minimum: 240
  • Aperture (F): 2 to 22
  • Magnification: 2