EH-Link™ Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Node
from LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems

Self-powered wireless sensor. Overview. The EH-Link ™ wireless node is a self powered sensor, harvesting energy from ambient energy sources. EH-Link ™ is compatible with a wide range of generator types, including piezoelectric, electrodynamic generators, and thermoelectric generators. In... [See More]

  • Input Sensor Type: Strain Gage / Bridge
  • Operating Frequency: 2400
  • Package Type: Unit
  • Transmission Distance: 70
WISER Telemetry System - Torque Measurement and Monitoring System -- Model 2000
from TECAT Performance Systems

The TECAT WISER Model 2000 torque measurement and monitoring system is a single channel wireless data acquisition system for measuring live torque. It is small, light, power efficient, easy-to-use and non-invasive. The wireless system has the optional ability to measure 3-axis acceleration, pressure... [See More]

  • Input Sensor Type: Strain Gage / Bridge
  • Package Type: Sensor System
  • Applications: Live Torque Testing
  • Operating Frequency: 2450
Vibrating-Wire Spectrum Analyzer -- AVW206
from Campbell Scientific, Inc.

The AVW206 has the same features and capabilities as the AVW200, with the addition of an internal spread-spectrum radio for wireless communication. The radio operates in the 910- to 918-MHz frequency range, for use in America and Canada. The new AVW200 family of vibrating-wire interface modules... [See More]

  • Input Sensor Type: Generic Input Voltage; Strain Gage / Bridge; Thermistor; Piezoelectric
  • Applications: Mobile / Wireless Systems
  • Device Type: Transmitter
  • Package Type: Unit
Radio Tension Monitoring System -- RTM
from FMS USA, Inc.

The FMS radio transmitted tension monitoring system (RTM) is designed to monitor tension of individual wires or cables in rotating applications. This system sends all the collected data via radio transmission. The RTM system is a complete tension monitoring package designed to easily retrofit onto... [See More]

  • Input Sensor Type: Strain Gage / Bridge
  • Package Type: Unit
  • Applications: Rotating Machinery
  • Operating Frequency: 2400
from PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

Single channel telemetry transmitter, user configurable for strain, thermocouple or voltage inputs, 10.7 MHz [See More]

  • Input Sensor Type: Strain Gage / Bridge; Thermocouple
  • Package Type: Card
  • Device Type: Transmitter
  • Supply Voltage: 8 to 12
Digital FM Telemetry -- 90332
from Sensor Developments, Inc.

The 90332 digital FM telemetry systems is designed to be used with full-bridge, strain gage sensors. The system features a miniature transmitter powered by a simple 9V battery, and a remote receiver capability of receiving the digital transmission over long distances. The digital technique... [See More]

  • Input Sensor Type: Strain Gage / Bridge
  • Package Type: Unit
  • Device Type: Rec-Trans
  • Operating Frequency: 900