Applications:Other Industrial Remote Controls Datasheets

Remote Operators
from AuCom Electronics Ltd.

The CSX, CSXi and IMS2 can be used in conjunction with the Remote Operator, a purpose-designed remote display unit which provides feedback on motor temperature, current and starter status*. The Remote Operator can be mounted up to 1200 metres away from the starter. [See More]

  • Application: Motor Soft Starter
  • Radio Technology: Transmitter and Receiver Set
  • Form Factor: Console Mounted
  • Interface Type: Keypad
eco L

The compact joystick transmitter!. 2 joysticks with up to 4 steps or analog. Up to 6 one-step push buttons. 2 toggle or rotary switches/buttons. STOP impact switch. radiomatic ® iON for quick activation of a spare transmitter. Suitable for Multi-Receiver-Concepts (MRC). Rechargeable NiMH... [See More]

  • Application: Agriculture / Forestry; Mobile Hydraulic
  • Radio Technology: Transmitter
  • Form Factor: Portable
  • Interface Type: Paddle; Pushbutton; Key Switch, Rotary Switch
Cellscale™ Remote Indicator -- MSI-9750
from Measurement Systems International

A stellar solution for industrial weighing and process control. [See More]

  • Application: Aerospace; Automation / PLC; Materials Handling; Data Acquisition; Shipyard; Weighing and Process Control
  • Radio Technology: Receiver
  • Form Factor: Handheld; Portable
  • Interface Type: Keypad; Pushbutton