Focused UV Light Systems Datasheets

UV Inspection Torch -- Maxi-T (Wide Beam)
from Johnson and Allen, Ltd.

With customer demand for smaller and smaller UV inspection equipment Johnson and Allen presents the Maxi-T. Giving 1800 micro Watts per cm sq at a distance of 400mm the Maxi-T fits comfortable inside any palm or pocket. Although this output is less than the concentrated beam of our Mini-T product,... [See More]

  • Type: Focused; Handheld
  • Spectral Range: UVA
  • Applications: Material Identification or Forensics; NDT Inspection
  • Power: 0.3250
AccuCure LightBar -- SA1424
from Digital Light Lab

45W 420-nm 4-inch AccuCure LightBar LED head with continuous or pulse mode of operation with focusing lens and active heat sink [See More]

  • Type: Focused
  • Spectral Range: Visible (Blue Green)
  • Applications: Curing
  • Power: 6.5
Ultra-Cure -- 100
from Hernon Manufacturing, Inc.

A compact, portable source of ultraviolet energy for photoactivation of UV sensitive adhesives. The spectral energy distribution of the four (4) inch diameter 100-watt mercury vapor discharge lamp is specifically tailored to high output at the 365-nanometer wavelength necessary for UV adhesive... [See More]

  • Type: Flood (optional feature); Focused
  • Spectral Range: UVA
  • Applications: Curing; Adhesive Curing
  • Power: 100
Materials Testing -- Model 16S Light Source
from Solar Light Company, Inc.

The Material Testing Single port Light Source can output UVA or UVA+UVB. The 16S is used to expose materials to high intensity UV simulating years of sunlight exposure in a few days. The output intensity can be by changing the spot size and adjusting the power supply. The 16S is ideal for Materials... [See More]

  • Type: Focused
  • Spectral Range: UVA; UVB
  • Applications: Degradation / Weathering; Photostability / Color Fastness; Sunlight / Solar Simulation; Textile Studies; Materials Testing
  • Power: 150 to 300
SolarLight® -- Model 601 Multiport® SPF Testing 6 Output
from Stability Environments, Inc.

The 601 Multiport ® is a turnkey system for SPF testing. The 601 can produce UVA or UVA+UVB from its 6 individual outputs. The intensity of light from each output can be adjusted individually providing the capability to deliver different doses of UV from each of the 6 outputs. This allows for... [See More]

  • Type: Focused
  • Spectral Range: UVA; UVB
  • Applications: Sunblock Effectiveness; Sunlight / Solar Simulation; SPF Testing
  • Power: 150 to 300