Plastic Hanger Bearings Datasheets

CHB2204MHI -- CHB2204_MCB [CHB2204_MCB from Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.]
from Applied Industrial Technologies

Weighs 2.0lbs, some suggested uses are food industry, recommended for sugar [See More]

  • Bearing Material: Plastic; Melamine
  • Design Units: Inch
  • Component: Hanger Bearing
  • Bore: 2
from Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc.

Designed for heavy duty applications, dust-tight or weather proof operation [See More]

  • Bearing Material: Bronze; Ceramic; Iron; Wood; Plastic; UHMW, Gatke, Stellite®
  • Design Units: Inch
  • Component: Hanger (Frame with Bearing)
  • Bore: 1.5
Redco™ 750 SXL Plastic Split Hanger Bearing
from Redwood Plastics

Designed for use in high load, sliding, low temperature, and gritty environments. Redco ™ 750SXL also has excellent self lubricating characteristics which make it ideal for applications which may experience dry running periods. It has a low coefficient of friction and exceptional impact... [See More]

  • Bearing Material: Plastic
  • Design Units: Inch
  • Component: Hanger Bearing
  • Bearing Style: Plain Bearing