Amplitude Electro-Optic Modulators Datasheets

Spatial Light Modulator -- Hex-127A-?
from Meadowlark Optics, Inc.

Hex Spatial Light Modulator - Our transmissive hexagonal array SLMs are designed for adaptive optics applications. The two dimensional array of Liquid Crystal Variable Retarders acts as a real time programmable phase mask for wavefront correction of a linear polarized source. Unwanted aberration... [See More]

  • Modulation: Amplitude
  • Wavelength Range: 450 to 1800
  • Modulation Type: Analog
  • Modulator Features: Free Standing
from Covega, Thorlabs’ Quantum Electronics Division

Variable optical attenuator option, High speed test equipment applications [See More]

  • Modulation: Amplitude
  • Connector Type: SC; SMA; Bare Fiber
  • Modulation Type: Digital
  • Wavelength Range: 1525 to 1605