Probe Type:Other Electrical Test Probes Datasheets

Power Sensor -- 9510A
from Krytar, Inc.

The Krytar Model 9000B is a low cost, high performance CW power meter using a diode based power sensor. The power meter can measure power levels from -39 to +20 dBm and cover frequencies from 100 kHz to 40 GHz. With bench and field service applications in mind, the power meter was designed to be... [See More]

  • Probe Type: Power Sensor
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Configuration: N male
1029951 [973594100 from Hirschmann™, A BELDEN BRAND]
from RS Components, Ltd.

From Hirschmann Test & Measurement , these MVL2 test leads feature 2 mm plug connectors on both sides for banana plug connection. With highly flexible 0.50 mm ² wire strands. The grip and wire are made from hard-wearing plastic. Lead Length = 25cm. Current Rating = 6A. Colour = Black. Voltage... [See More]

  • Probe Type: 4 mm Connector Test Leads
  • Voltage Rating: 60
Fine Pitch Microprobe -- FPM-100X
from Cascade Microtech, Inc.

Minimizes signal distortion by providing high bandwidth [See More]

  • Probe Type: HighFrequency; Impedance Matching
  • Probe Configuration: Pin and Socket
  • Attenuation Factor: 100X
  • Bandwidth: 18000
from Interconnect Devices, Inc.

.039 min centers, resistance < 25 mOhms; 2.5 oz [See More]

  • Probe Type: Current; Semiconductor / High Density; Continuity; Spring Contact Probe
  • Probe Configuration: Spring Loaded; Wireless
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe spacing: 0.0390
from Kikusui America, Inc.

If the DVD pickup or drive has an extremely low clock signal or RF signal level, OP01-KJM offers a gain of 14 dB. Also, its input impedance is as high as 1 M Ohm, while the output impedance is converted to 50 Ohm. This helps suppress the noise effect on the transmission system after probing. [See More]

  • Probe Type: Voltage; FET for RF/CLK Signals
  • Probe Configuration: Pincher
  • Probe Technology: Active
  • Input Resistance: 1
Stackable, Dual-Banana Test Lead -- BU-7070-B-@
from Mueller Electric Company

Stackable, Dual-Banana Test Lead. RG-58 cable, 50 Ohm ’s Impedance [See More]

  • Probe Type: Test Lead
  • Probe Configuration: Stackable Dual Banana
  • Probe Technology: Passive
1.5mm Connecting Lead -- MSM1,5-B
from Multi-Contact USA

In hospitals, patients and staff are subjected to dangerous, uncontrollable compensating currents flowing between equipment and touchable conducting parts of different voltage potentials. The best solution to this problem is the installation of a seamless potential equalization system. Multi-Contact... [See More]

  • Probe Type: Medical Use
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip; Spring Loaded
Battery Test Probe -- Series 5099
from PTR Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

For successful testing of strip conductors and mechanical connections [See More]

  • Probe Type: Battery Test
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Configuration: Spring Loaded; Round Head
10 Amp Fused Crocodile Clips -- 134317
from Silvertronic Limited

Fitted with 10 amp 600 volt fuse as standard [See More]

  • Probe Type: Voltage; Current; Automotive
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip
Active Voltage Probe -- P6205
from Tektronix, Inc.

DC to 750 MHz. 2 pF Input C. 1 M Ω Input R. Integral Probe Power TEKPROBE BNC. Applications. High-speed Digital Systems Design. ECL. GaAs. MOS: CMOS; FastCMOS; BiCMOS; TTL. Component Design/Characterization. Amplitude levels. Aberrations. Propagation Delay and Timing. Bandwidths and Rise... [See More]

  • Probe Type: Voltage; FET
  • Probe Configuration: Hook; Pincher
  • Probe Technology: Active
  • Bandwidth: 750