Alligator Clip Electrical Test Probes Datasheets

Allig. Clip to 0.250" to Ins. Spade Lug -- 288
from E-Z-HOOK

Standard alligator clip to .250" (6.35mm) insulated spade lug test lead. Test lead is 22 AWG PVC wire. Available in 10 standard colors. [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Voltage
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
Alligator Clip-Medium w/Black Insulator -- 5040 [5040 from Keystone Electronics Corp.]
from Heilind Electronics, Inc.

Insulated: YES. Insulator Color: BLACK. Finish/Plating: Nickel Plate. Material: Steel [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip
  • Probe Technology: Passive
Alligator Clip-Large w/ Black Insulator -- 5046
from Keystone Electronics Corp.

Material: Steel. Finish/Plating: Nickel Plate. Insulator Color: BLACK. Insulated: YES [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip
  • Probe Technology: Passive
NI SP200B 10:1 and 1:1 Switchable Passive Oscilloscope Probe, 60V -- 780284-01
from National Instruments

Not Recommended for New Designs. National Instruments HDD-8264 and HDD-8263 external hard drive enclosures are part of PXI streaming systems from NI. These systems consist of an NI 8262 x4 cabled PCI Express module in a PXI Express peripheral slot of a PXI Express chassis. The chassis is cabled, via... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip; Computer
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Oscilloscope
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X; 10X
1225534 [MP21-10BK from Martindale Electric Company, Ltd.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

A CAT IV rated fused lead set comprising of one red and one black lead fitted with straight probes. The cable is a double insulated silicone with a white inner core, giving clear indication of damage. The leads are fitted with a unique 45 ° plug fitting which is less likely to become detached... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip; Crocodile Clip
BNC - Alligator Test Lead -- Instek GTL-101
from ValueTronics International, Inc.

For the: GOS-310. GVT-427B/417B. GFC-8010H/8131H/8270H. GFG-Series [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip
Standard Test Lead -- TL-35A [TL-3 from B&K Precision]
from All-Spec Industries

"The BK Precision TL-35A is a set of standard test leads with alligator clips and a 0.6"" jaw." [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip; Hook; Spring Loaded
  • Probe Technology: Active
  • Probe Type: Logic
  • Attenuation Factor: 10X
1000V CAT III Fused Probe Kit -- SFTLSIWCRT
from Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

Features: UL/CSA IEC61010 CAT III -1000V Approved. Unique fingerguard protects against accidental high voltage contact. Strain relief assembly on probe reduces flexing of wire lead. Shrouded right-angle plug fits most instruments –4mm diameter banana plug. Dual fuse chamber in probe ensures... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip; Pin and Socket
  • Voltage Rating: ? to 1000
  • Probe Type: Voltage
  • Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories Inc.; CSA; CAT I to CAT IV
High Voltage Test Probe -- PD-20
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

PD-20 PD-20S and PD-28 are high voltage probes. They measure both AC and DC voltages with your multimeter. They consist of 2 kinds of contact tips, a test clip for the ground , a set of test leads for multimeter and a high qualify enclosure. They enclosure has very good insulation properties. They... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip; Extended - Fine Tip
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: High Voltage
  • Attenuation Factor: 1000:1
304 Stainless Mini-Alligator Clip with Smooth Jaws -- BU-34X
from Mueller Electric Company

Micro Alligator Clip with Smooth Jaw, Stainless Steel, 5 Amps, 1.1 ″ Length, 7/32 ″ Jaw Opening. [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Current
1.5mm Connecting Lead -- MSM1,5-B
from Multi-Contact USA

In hospitals, patients and staff are subjected to dangerous, uncontrollable compensating currents flowing between equipment and touchable conducting parts of different voltage potentials. The best solution to this problem is the installation of a seamless potential equalization system. Multi-Contact... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip; Spring Loaded
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Medical Use
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
10 Amp Fused Crocodile Clips -- 134317
from Silvertronic Limited

Fitted with 10 amp 600 volt fuse as standard [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Voltage; Current; Automotive
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
Differential Probe -- P5200
from Tektronix, Inc.

Features & Benefits. Bandwidths up to 100 MHz. Up to 5,600 V Differential (DC + pk AC). Up to 2,200 V Common (RMS). Overrange Indicator. Safety Certified. Switchable Attenuation. Switchable Bandwidth Limit. Applications. Floating Measurements. Switching Power Supply Design. Motor Drive Design. [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip; Plunger Clip
  • Probe Technology: Active
  • Probe Type: Differential; High Voltage
  • Attenuation Factor: 500X; 50X
Passive Iso-Probe -- 700929
from Yokogawa Corporation of America

Bandwidth: DC to 100MHz (-3dB). Attenuation ratio: 1/10 (Fixed). Maximum input voltage: 1,000V (DC + ACpeak, probe itself). Cable length: 1.5m [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip; Computer; Pincher
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Voltage; Oscilloscope; Coaxial; High Voltage
  • Attenuation Factor: 10X