Probe Configuration:Other Electrical Test Probes Datasheets

Test Clips - Alligator, Crocodile, Heavy Duty -- 010029-ND [010029 from Mueller Electric Company]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Probe Configuration: Heavy Duty
  • Approvals: RoHS Compliant
  • Probe Type: Voltage
Power Sensor -- 9510A
from Krytar, Inc.

The Krytar Model 9000B is a low cost, high performance CW power meter using a diode based power sensor. The power meter can measure power levels from -39 to +20 dBm and cover frequencies from 100 kHz to 40 GHz. With bench and field service applications in mind, the power meter was designed to be... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: N male
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Power Sensor
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
AC/DC Current Probes -- HHM70 Series
from OMEGA Engineering, Inc.

The HHM70 Series AC/DC Probes are the newest line of professional current probes designed to extend current measuring capabilities of DMM's, oscilloscopes and other instruments. They are built to the latest safety and performance standards, and carry the CE mark. Two different hook- shaped jaws are... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Clamp Probe
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Current
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
200 A / 2000 A AC/DC Current Probe, Bnc Connector
from Pico Technology

Clamp-on current probes or “current clamps ” enable you to measure currents without breaking the electrical circuit. Current clamps are designed with jaws that can be opened, placed around the conductor and clamped shut to form a magnetic loop around the conductor. Current clamps offer a... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Clamp
  • Probe Technology: Active
  • Probe Type: Current
  • Attenuation Factor: 10X
1060429 [80PK-1 from Fluke]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Compatible with all Fluke multimeters. For type-K thermocouples. Separate Celsius/Fahrenheit settings. For low-voltage applications (under 24 V ac, 60 V dc). Lead Type = Bead Probe. Connector Type = Miniature Thermocouple. Lead Length = 1m. Maximum Operating Temperature = +200 °C, +260 °C [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Miniature Thermocouple
  • Operating Temperature: 200 to 260
AC/DC Current Probe -- 120151 [1201.51 from AEMC Instruments]
from All-Spec Industries

The AEMC 1201.51 is an AC/DC current probe. [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Clamp
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Current; Oscilloscope
  • Bandwidth: 0.1000
Flexible Current Probe -- AmpFlex™
from Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.

Features. Model range from 30 ~ 30,000 Arms. Accuracy 1% of reading. TRMS measurements when connected to a TRMS instrument. No core saruration or damage if overload. Overrange LED for measurement circuit. Waterproof sensor. 9V Alkaline battery, provides typical 150 hours continuous operation. Sharpe... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Male Banana Plug. Optional: Banana (female), BNC (male) adaptor
  • Probe Type: Current
High Current Probe & Receptacle -- Series SH Size 100
from Interconnect Devices, Inc.

0.100in min center, 4.0 or 6.7 oz spring force [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Spring Loaded; High Current
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Current; Continuity; Spring Contact Probe
  • Probe spacing: 0.1000
304 Stainless Miniature Battery Clip -- BU-46X
from Mueller Electric Company

Small Battery Clip, 304 Stainless Steel, 50 Amps, 2.9 ″ Length, 1-1/8 ″ Jaw Opening, Uses BU-46 PR Insulators [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Battery Clip
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Current
2mm Test Lead -- LK2-F
from Multi-Contact USA

Our Test & Measureline product family includes our complete line of insulated test accessories that meet and exceed today's stringent safety requirements. Whether for testing, measuring or experimenting our test accessories offer you the performance and dependability your job demands. All our... [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Pin and Socket; Hollow Plugs
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Voltage; Current
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
Battery Test Probe -- Series 5099
from PTR Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

For successful testing of strip conductors and mechanical connections [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Spring Loaded; Round Head
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Battery Test
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
Automotive Test Lead Set -- 129393
from Silvertronic Limited

High quality test lead set designed with the automotive engineer in mind [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: AlligatorClip; Extended - Fine Tip; Pin and Socket; Cable Piercer
  • Probe Technology: Passive
  • Probe Type: Voltage; Current; Automotive
  • Attenuation Factor: 1X
Active Voltage Probe -- P6243
from Tektronix, Inc.

1 GHz Bandwidth (probe only). ≤1 pF Input Capacitance. 1 M Ω Input Resistance. Direct Access to SMDs as Small as 0.5 mm Pitch. Measures CMOS, BiCMOS, ECL, GaAs, and TTL Logic. Low-mass Probe Head/Cable. No Additional Power Supplies or Cables Are Required with TEKPROBE ™ BNC Interface. [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Hook; Ground Leads, SMT clip
  • Probe Technology: Active
  • Probe Type: Voltage; SMD
  • Attenuation Factor: 10X
(2) R/A Shrouded Banana-(2) Mini Grabbers Blue 6ft -- TC-3001TX/6
from Westek Electronics, Inc.

Replacement cable for Dytel 965, HST-3000 test cables [See More]

  • Probe Configuration: Banana Clip/ MiniGrabbers