Applications / Capabilities:Other Imaging Workstations Datasheets

CrossCheck™ Laser Profile System
from Bytewise Measurement Systems

Easy to use CrossCheck “shape tools ” measure radius/diameter, height,. width, angle, and location. Master Profile Comparison provides Pass/Fail. testing for contours, and makes small variations easily visible. All for less. than the price of a single point laser sensor. [See More]

  • Applications: Assembly Quality; Container or Product Counting; Edge Detection; Electronics or Semiconductor Inspection; Flaw Detection; Gauging, Scanning & Dimensioning; Food & Beverage; ID Detection / Verification; Non-contact Profilometry; Pattern Recognition; Presence / Absence; Production & Quality Control; Tool & Die Monitoring; Universal 2D/3D Profile Gauging
  • Inspection Rate: 30
  • System Type: Modular / PC-Based; Turnkey / Complete System
  • Feature Resolution: 0.0030
Digital Imaging System -- eVue™
from Cascade Microtech, Inc.

High resolution multi-view capability [See More]

  • Applications: Electronics or Semiconductor Inspection; Process Development, Research
  • Image Source: Optical Microscope
  • Network: USB
  • Stage Type: X-Y-Z Stage
NIR Chemical Imaging System -- NIR-CI 1720
from Malvern Instruments, Inc.

The SyNIRgi NIR-CI (Near Infrared Chemical Imaging) is a rapid, robust and flexible Chemical Imaging system with a wide sampling dynamic range and depth of field that allows the analysis of curved tablets, whole granules and anything in between. The SyNIRgi NIR-CI delivers spatial and chemical... [See More]

  • Applications: Biotechnology or Medical; ID Detection / Verification; Forensics, Curing of Adhesives
  • Stage Type: X-Y-Z Stage
  • Image Source: Thermal or Infrared
  • Modules Included: Cameras or Imagers; Imaging Illuminators; Imaging & Analysis Software
Automated Optical Inspection -- MIC4-AOI
from WDI Wise Device Inc.

WDI's AOI Microscope is designed for fast scanning and defect review applications of a variety of specimen including bare glass, TFT array and colour filter. It provides exceptional image quality, and is limited only by the selection of the microscope objective lens. The microscope features a sturdy... [See More]

  • Applications: Alignment / Guidance; Biotechnology or Medical; Electronics or Semiconductor Inspection; Flaw Detection; Gauging, Scanning & Dimensioning; Non-contact Profilometry; Production & Quality Control; Bare Glass Thickness and Defect
  • Network: RS232
  • System Type: Modular / PC-Based
  • Image Source: Line Scan Camera; Optical Microscope; Confocal Laser