Pharmaceutical Packaging Imaging Workstations Datasheets

ATS Ampuscan™ Inspection System
from ATS Automation

A cost-effective, single-pass alternative to manual inspection, the Ampuscan ™ is designed to inspect ampoules, respules and other blow-fill-seal-type plastic containers to accuracies not reasonably achievable by human inspectors, at speeds up to 60 cards per minute, at a high detection... [See More]

  • Applications: Biotechnology or Medical; Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Inspection Rate: 1
  • System Type: Turnkey / Complete System
  • Operating System: Windows
Benchtop FlowCAM®
from Fluid Imaging Technologies

High speed automated particle analyzer, information from microscopic images [See More]

  • Applications: Biotechnology or Medical; Food & Beverage; Materials Analysis; Pattern Recognition; Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Image Source: Area Scan Camera
  • System Type: Turnkey / Complete System
  • Stage Type: None
StreamPix Station 625/1250
from NorPix, Inc.

StreamPix and TroublePix operate at their best using state of the art StreamPix Station 625 and 1250 computers. These fine tuned computers are assembled in our labs with carefully selected components that will guarantee ultimate performance as well as image recording for hours with a no frame drop... [See More]

  • Applications: Alignment / Guidance (optional feature); Assembly Quality (optional feature); Biotechnology or Medical; Electronics or Semiconductor Inspection; Flaw Detection; Food & Beverage; Pharmaceutical Packaging; Presence / Absence; Production & Quality Control; Security & Biometrics; Tool & Die Monitoring; Web Inspection
  • Inspection Rate: 1800
  • System Type: Embedded / Vision Engine; Modular / PC-Based; Turnkey / Complete System
  • Mass Storage: 128