Electrodynamic Shaker Controllers Datasheets

Vibration Control Software -- WinVCSII Controller
from Thermotron Industries

WinVCS II Controller. Thermotron's WinVCS II Software has a familiar look and feel and is designed in-house by Thermotron software engineers. The WinVCS II offers vibration control and analysis for accurate sine, random, shock, resonant search and dwell, random-on-random, sine-on-random, and... [See More]

  • Shaker Types: Electrodynamic
  • Output Channels: 1
  • Input Channels: 8
  • Frequency Range: 0.0 to 3000
Cougar Portable Vibration Control and Analysis System
from Spectral Dynamics, Inc.

PUMA / COUGAR Vibration Control and Analysis System. Revolutionizing Vibration Testing. PUMA (Cougar for portability) utilizes Spectral Dynamics' innovative Computer-Aided Test Suite ™ (CATS) architecture. Both take full advantage of the PC's powerful Intel processor and Windows XP technology. [See More]

  • Shaker Types: Electrodynamic
  • Output Channels: 52
  • Input Channels: 4; 6; 8; 16; 32
  • Dynamic Range: 90