Nitrogen Gas Generation Equipment Datasheets

Large Nitrogen Membrane Separator -- Prism DE
from Air Products PRISM Membranes

PRISM DE membrane separators were the first nitrogen membrane solution provided by the Air Products PRISM Membranes group. These robust separators are incorporated into industrial nitrogen systems and are used in a variety of applications like food storage, shipboard cargo blanketing, and oil well... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Nitrogen
  • Technology: Separation Membrane
Combustion Type Inert Gas System -- Smit LNG
from Alfa Laval Inc.

Alfa Laval Smit LNG/LPG is a dry inert gas generator with low pressure and low dew-point. The most complex inert gas generators are installed on LNG carriers, where very dry inert gas is required. Smit dry inert gas generators from Alfa Laval, have integrated controls and consist of four main... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Nitrogen; Dry Inert Gas
  • Pressure: 4.35 to 5.8
  • Technology: Combustion + Drying
  • Oxygen: 5000 to 10000
N2 Gas Generators
from Linde North America, Inc.

Eliminate high-pressure nitrogen cylinders from your facility and generate a continuous source of high purity nitrogen gas from a compressed air supply. [See More]

  • Generator Type: Nitrogen
  • Flow Rate: 0.5000 to 30
  • Purity: 97 to 100
Parker Balston® Nitrogen Gas Generators
from Restek

Produces ultra-pure nitrogen (up to 99.9999%). Require only a compressed air source and 110 volt AC power. Typical applications include GC carrier gas, make-up gas, and low flow sample concentrators. Maintenance kits include replacement filters. [See More]

  • Generator Type: Nitrogen
  • Flow Rate: 0.5001 to 2
  • Purity: 99.99 to 100
  • Pressure: 35 to 90
Nitrogen Generators
from Advanced Gas Technologies

Nitrogen Generators. Advanced Gas Technologies Inc. offers a full range of PSA and membrane type nitrogen generators that range in flow capacities from less than 1 m ³/hour (40 SCFH) to large tonnage nitrogen plants suitable for refining, chemical processing and other high volume applications. [See More]

  • Generator Type: Nitrogen
  • Purity: 95 to 100
  • Technology: PSA Type
  • Flow Rate: 4.72 to 94400
Nitrogen Gas Generator
from Air/Tak, Inc.

Use Air/Tak for your Nitrogen needs. Our proven technology will help you save money with our twin tower pressure swing N2 Generator. Our N2 Generator can get to 99.9% purity levels while maintaining a –40°F pressure dew point. Read more to see the Air/Tak Advantage. [See More]

  • Generator Type: Nitrogen
  • Flow Rate: 1558
  • Purity: 99
  • Features & Approvals: Integral Air or Gas Compressor; Software or Computer Interface
Champion - Nitrogen Generator
from Central Air Compressor Co.

Champion Nitrogen Tire Inflation System. Better Tire Pressure. Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen; which means that it takes less time to lose presssure. Proper inflated tires provide better miles per gallon. Tires inflated with nitrogen retain the optimum designed and runs cooler that tire... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Nitrogen
  • Purity: 95 to 99.9
AX7670 Remote Plasma Source -- Type AX7670
from MKS Instruments, Inc.

The ASTRON ®i reactive gas generator is designed for increased flow capability andprocess flexibility. The ASTRONi reactive gas generator eliminates the need for argonduring processing, allows a choice of ignition gas compatible with existing process gases,and increases overall flow for... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Hydrogen; Nitrogen; Oxygen; Reactive; Remote Plasma Source
  • Flow Rate: 0.1000 to 4
  • Technology: Argon; Low-Field-Toroidal Plasma Technology
  • Pressure: 3.67E-4 to 0.0037
Calibration Gas Generator -- OVG-4
from Owlstone Inc.

The OVG-4 is a compact, cost effective calibration gas system, which generates high accuracy, NIST traceable calibration gas standards. [See More]

  • Generator Type: Humidity / Water Vapor; Chlorine Dioxide; Hydrogen; H2S (Sour Gas); Nitrogen; Organic Vapor; Oxygen; Full list available from supplier.
  • Flow Rate: 0.0500 to 0.5000
  • Technology: Diffusion through a permeation tube allows for a controlled rate of gas generation.
  • Pressure: ? to 10
HFX Series -- HFX-1
from Parker Hannifin Filtration and Separation Div. / Balston Products

Balston Membrane Nitrogen Generators produce up to 99.5% pure, commercially sterile nitrogen at dewpoints to -58 °F (-50 °C) from a compressed air supply. All systems include a 0.01 micron membrane filter which ensures the nitrogen is completely free of suspended impurities. For applications... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Nitrogen
  • Frost / Dew Point: -58
  • Technology: Proprietary Membrane Separation Technology
  • Pressure: 60 to 145
Nitrogen Generators - Membrane Series -- pmng-160
from Pneumatech, Inc.

All nitrogen generators are not created equal. Some may cost less and appear great on the outside. Look closer and we think you'll agree that Pneumatech offers a superior product, greater durability and a better overall value. [See More]

  • Generator Type: Nitrogen
  • Flow Rate: 159
  • Purity: 95
  • Pressure: 102
Laboratory Nitrogen Gas Generator -- Nigen GC - HC
from Proton Onsite

For laboratory and scientific needs, hydrogen is used as an ultra high purity fuel and reducing agent. HOGEN ® hydrogen generation systems are well-suited to provide ultra high purity hydrogen as a carrier gas with consistent composition and predictable low levels of oxygen and nitrogen. Highest... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Nitrogen
  • Purity: 100
  • Technology: Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
  • Flow Rate: 0.5001

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