Oxygen Gas Generation Equipment Datasheets

Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Generator -- PPOG-1
from Chicago Pneumatic and Pneumatech

The Pneumatech oxygen generator is made to supply up to 95% purity for various applications and conditions. The gas generator is built for continuous usage and operates with one tower at a time, while the other tower regenerates the zeolite material. It is set to provide the gas when you need it... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Oxygen
  • Purity: 90
  • Technology: Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
  • Output Flow Rate: 33.98
Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device 2 -- Series 6202
from Environics, Inc.

Gas-blending instrument used to produce hypoxia for training purposes [See More]

  • Generator Type: Oxygen; Reduced Oxygen Mixture
  • Inlet Temperature: 59 to 95
  • Inlet Pressure: 20 to 40
  • Features & Approvals: Portable; NIST; Software or Computer Interface
Membrane Oxygen Generators

The Oxygen Generators are the same product that is utilized in the GENERON's patented Nitrogen membranes. Compressed air is passed through a bundle of hollow fibers. The Nitrogen is retained within the hollow fiber and the oxygen passes through the membrane wall. The oxygen is collected and vented... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Oxygen
  • Features & Approvals: Integral Air or Gas Compressor (optional feature)
Oxygen Generators
from Advanced Gas Technologies

Oxygen Generators. Advanced Gas Technologies Inc. offers a full range of PSA and VPSA oxygen generators that range in flow capacities from less than 1 m ³/hour (40 SCFH) to large tonnage oxygen plants for high volume applications. PSA Oxygen Generators. FAST Return on Investment: Typical ROI's... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Oxygen
  • Purity: 93 to 99
  • Technology: Membrane Type
  • Output Flow Rate: 18.88 to 1888
AX7670 Remote Plasma Source -- Type AX7670
from MKS Instruments, Inc.

The ASTRON ®i reactive gas generator is designed for increased flow capability andprocess flexibility. The ASTRONi reactive gas generator eliminates the need for argonduring processing, allows a choice of ignition gas compatible with existing process gases,and increases overall flow for... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Hydrogen; Nitrogen; Oxygen; Reactive; Remote Plasma Source
  • Output Flow Rate: 0.1000 to 4
  • Technology: Argon; Low-Field-Toroidal Plasma Technology
  • Outlet Pressure: 3.67E-4 to 0.0037
Calibration Gas Generator -- OVG-4
from Owlstone Inc.

The OVG-4 is a compact, cost effective calibration gas system, which generates high accuracy, NIST traceable calibration gas standards. [See More]

  • Generator Type: Humidity / Water Vapor; Chlorine Dioxide; Hydrogen; H2S (Sour Gas); Nitrogen; Organic Vapor; Oxygen; Full list available from supplier.
  • Output Flow Rate: 0.0500 to 0.5000
  • Technology: Diffusion through a permeation tube allows for a controlled rate of gas generation.
  • Outlet Pressure: ? to 10
G Series -- G11
from Pacific Ozone Technology, Inc.

Built to interface with a wide range of industrial applications [See More]

  • Generator Type: Ozone; Oxygen
  • Production Rate: 13.0 to 16.0
  • Technology: Floating Plate Technology™
  • Output Flow Rate: 0.0 to 850
Rejuvenating Oxygen Bar with Turbo Air Flow -- OXY02
from Zadro Products, Inc.

The Rejuvenating Oxygen Bar with Turbo Air Flow produces Oxygen enriched air, increasing the Oxygen concentration in the air by up to 43%. Simply put on the included headset and relax as oxygen enriched air is gently produced via the headset while you enjoy soothing built-in music. Additional... [See More]

  • Generator Type: Oxygen