Automated Microplate Washers Datasheets

ELISA Microplate Washer Automated, programmable -- MPW-30
from Alpha Diagnostic International, Inc.

ELISA Microplate Washer Automated, programmable. General Information. Fully automatic. It is one of the most economical full featured ELISA plate washer. It offers single or double aspirations and superior dispensing precision. Easy on-screen programming using full key board and 24-character, 2-line... [See More]

  • System Configuration: Automated
  • Washing Configuration: Plate
Biochrom Anthos Fluido 2 Microplate Washer
from Biochrom, Ltd.

Flexible microplate washer for 96 or 384-well plates. Wide choice of washing options and programs providing maximum application options. Low noise, pressure-free aspiration and dispensing pumps. Auto rinse function preventing liquid path clogging. Automated washer to save time manually washing... [See More]

  • System Configuration: Automated
  • Microplate Capacity: 96; 384 (optional feature)
  • Washing Configuration: Plate; Strip
  • Dispense Precision: 5
Automatic microplate washer Autura 1000 -- 4AJ-4006927
from Carl Stuart Co.

8 channel [See More]

  • System Configuration: Automated
  • Washing Configuration: Plate