Clean Process Cabinet Oven -- LCC 2-14
from Despatch Industries

Despatch ’s LCC and LCD Clean Process Benchtop Ovens have a stainless steel interior and exterior, rugged, programmable process controls and provide a variety of tailored options for your specific needs. For production environment processes where minimal contamination is essential, the LCC and... [See More]

  • Temperature Range: 500
  • External: Bench / Cabinet
  • Capacity: 14.0
  • Heat Source: Electric / Resistance
Amsco® Century™ Medium Steam -- Sterilizer 26x26x39" (660x660x991 mm)
from STERIS Corporation

Pre-vacuum configuration; gravity/liquid/leak test; ASME; EEC; CSA; UL [See More]

  • Temperature Range: 212 to 279
  • Pressure Range: ? to 45
  • Capacity: 15.2
  • External: Front Load (incl. Walk-in, Truck-in)
SteriPulse-XL® Sterilization System -- RS-3000B-1
from Xenon Corporation

Model RS-3000B is a basic sterilization system offering a controller and a standalone 16" (40.6 cm) Lamp Housing with lamp. The Controller provides all power to the Lamp Housing as well as complete operator control of the sterilization process using front-panel controls. The elliptical reflector... [See More]

  • Temperature Range: 32 to 104
  • Internal Configuration: Ultraviolet
  • External: Bench / Cabinet
  • Application: Sanitizer; Validate Operating Parameters; Industrial; Sterilizing