Millipore* Ultraviolet Sterilizer -- sc-XX6370000
from Fisher Scientific

Rapidly decontaminates 47mm Millipore filter holders between successive sample filtrations. See details. Includes: Sylvania No. G8T5, 2537 Å germicidal lamps; anodized aluminum reflectors, holder panel; fiberglass case; rubber feet. 115V 60Hz. Sterilizer, Ultraviolet; Millipore; Rapidly... [See More]

  • Internal Configuration: Ultraviolet
SteriPulse-XL® Sterilization System -- RS-3000B-1
from Xenon Corporation

Model RS-3000B is a basic sterilization system offering a controller and a standalone 16" (40.6 cm) Lamp Housing with lamp. The Controller provides all power to the Lamp Housing as well as complete operator control of the sterilization process using front-panel controls. The elliptical reflector... [See More]

  • Internal Configuration: Ultraviolet
  • External: Bench / Cabinet
  • Temperature Range: 32 to 104
  • Application: Sanitizer; Validate Operating Parameters; Industrial; Sterilizing