CO2 Incubator -- 190

The BMT latest generation of CO2 Incubators are focused and repeatable conditions and environments for the growth of cell tissue and other cultures. The three circuit direct heating management system eliminates the need for a fan and consequently eliminates the risk of vibrations and... [See More]

  • Jacket Type: Direct Heat
  • Chamber Capacity: 6.71
  • Sensor Type: Infrared
  • User Interface: Digital
Galaxy CO14 S -- CO14S-120-0000
from Eppendorf, Inc.

The 14 S provides an LED interface with RS-232 and25mm access port as standard. A small footprint, yetspacious chamber, allows for specific applications to becarried out in isolation from general cell culture, ensuringassay validity. [See More]

  • Jacket Type: Direct Heat
  • Chamber Capacity: 0.5000
  • Sensor Type: Infrared
  • Carbon Dioxide Range: 1 to 95
Fisher Scientific Isotemp CO2 Incubators -- hc-13-255-25
from Fisher Scientific

6.5 cu. ft. (184L) Water-Jacketed and Direct-Heat Models with T/C or IR sensors. Water-Jacketed; TC sensor, RH Display; 120V, 60Hz, 3.6A. View Accessories. Incubator, Carbon Dioxide, Fisher Scientific; Isotemp Water-Jacketed; 6.5 cu. ft. chamber volume; With T/C sensor, gas-inlet and sample-inlet... [See More]

  • Jacket Type: Direct Heat; Water
  • Sensor Type: Infrared; Thermal Conductivity