Water Jacket Incubators Datasheets

AutoFlow NU-4750 Water Jacket CO2 Incubator
from NuAire, Inc.

The AutoFlow 4750 Water Jacket Laboratory CO2 Incubator provides a sterile in-vitro growth environment through temperature and CO2 gas control systems, combining state of the art technology with years of design, quality and manufacturing experience. [See More]

  • Jacket Type: Water
  • Chamber Capacity: 6.65
  • Sensor Type: Infrared
  • Temperature Range: 18 to 55
Water-jacketed Incubator -- 5321-97A
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Holds temperature longer if power failure occurs —fast recovery to uniform temperature. Choose from Infrared sensor for changing temperature and humidity or Thermocouple sensor for constant temperature and humidity. Exclusive SMARTGAS system insures accurate CO2 control. Security password... [See More]

  • Jacket Type: Water
  • Chamber Capacity: 6.5
  • Sensor Type: Infrared
  • Temperature Control: 0.1000