Thermal Conductivity Sensor Incubators Datasheets

PureCell NU-5100 Under Counter Direct Heat CO2 Incubator
from NuAire, Inc.

The PureCell 5100 Under Counter Direct Heat Laboratory CO2 Incubator features a smaller footprint for controlled in-vivo and in-vitro conditions for experimental biology research through precise humidity, temperature, CO2, sterility, and reliability. [See More]

  • Sensor Type: Thermal Conductivity
  • Chamber Capacity: 4.4
  • Jacket Type: Direct Heat
  • Carbon Dioxide Range: 0.1000 to 20
Large Capacity Incubator -- 5757-22
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Decontamination cycle is built in and can eliminate microbial and mycoplasmal contamination to extend the time between manual cleaning cycles. Casters are factory installed. Horizontal airflow system provides evenly distributed airflow across all locations on the shelf. Lockable control panels... [See More]

  • Sensor Type: Thermal Conductivity
  • Chamber Capacity: 24
  • Jacket Type: Air
  • Temperature Range: 10 to 60