Digital Front Panel Hot Plates Datasheets

Model TP1085 Thermal Platform, Compressor-based Refrigeration
from inTEST Thermal Solutions

These precisely controllable temperature platforms from Sigma Systems provide an open work surface with rapid heating and cooling or holding at temperature. Also known as “hot/cold plates ”, they are ideal for testing or conditioning low profile items with a flat surface such as RF... [See More]

  • User Interface: Analog; Digital (optional feature)
  • Burners: Single
  • Heater Type: Aluminum
  • Width: 14
Super-Nuova™ Digital Hot Plate -- 4100-06
from Terra Universal, Inc.

These premium aluminum-top hot plates provide precise digital control of top plate and solution temperatures in 1 ° increments. Four user-presets let you call up often-repeated procedures. A magnetic stir bar provides the vortex motion to evenly disperse chemical in solution and/or heat. All... [See More]

  • User Interface: Digital
  • Burners: Single
  • Heater Type: Aluminum
  • Width: 7