RS232 Fiber Optic Test Sources Datasheets

Fiber Optic Tester -- FOT-70*-02BL
from EXFO

Automatic dual wavelength recognition, RS-232, built in fiber ID function [See More]

  • Interface: RS232
  • Operating Mode: Continuous Wave
  • Emitter Type: Laser Diode
  • Test Equipment Type: Hand Held
FIS CrossFire™ -- CF1315
from Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc./FIS

Automated dual wavelength bi-directional tester, tone detection capability [See More]

  • Interface: RS232
  • Test Equipment Type: Bench Top
  • Emitter Type: Laser Diode
  • Cable Type: Single-mode
Programmable Spectral Source -- OSP-9500C
from Newport Corporation

Uses built-in ASE source or user supplied source [See More]

  • Interface: GPIB; RS232
  • Connector Type: FC
  • Test Equipment Type: Bench Top
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 104

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