1U Pluggable Power System -- 2 Outputs 600 Watts
from AJs Power Source, Inc.

Universal AC input, PFC compliant to EN61000-3-2, no minimum load [See More]

  • Style: Desktop (optional feature); Rack Mount (optional feature); Cabinet (optional feature)
  • Minimum: 1.8
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +1.8 V; +2.5 V; +3.3 V; +5 V; -5 V; +12 V; -12 V; +15 V; -15 V; +24 V; -24 V; +28V; -28 V; +30 V; -30 V; +48 V; -48 V; 1.8 - 250 VDC Modular
  • Maximum: 250
16.2kW Power System -- CRS-600V27
from Dongah Elecomm

16.2kW Power System with Battery Management & DC Distribution [See More]

  • Style: Module; Cabinet; External Power Supply
  • Minimum: 27
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: (27 V)
  • Maximum: 600
SCR and Switchmode Power Supplies
from Dynapower Corporation

Multiple-output-in-one-enclosure power supplies are a single enclosure with multiple independently controllable outputs. Both air and water-cooled, SCR and Switchmode Power Supplies can be packaged so that multiple outputs, ranging from two to twelve can be designed into one common enclosure. SCR... [See More]

  • Style: Cabinet
  • Phase  : Three-Phase
  • Power Supply Technology: SCR
  • Voltage: 220, 380, 460, or 575 VAC
OPUS C Series DC Power System -- OPUS C 110-19.2C
from Efore, Inc.

OPUS C 110-19.2 C delivers uninterrupted DC power to demanding industrial, automation, telecom and datacom applications. Maximum output power is 19.2 kW at 110 VDC. OPUS C 110-19.2 C is a compactly integrated DC power system using MRC 110-1600 convection cooled rectifiers and a comprehensive VIDI... [See More]

  • Style: Module; Cabinet; External Power Supply
  • Minimum: 156
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: 189-265 VDC, 110 VDC Nominal
  • Maximum: 173
TIG - DC Series -- TIG 120 DC
from HUETTINGER Electronic, Inc.

TIG-DC units form the basis for plasma processes with standard requirements. Offering highest output power, they are ideally suited for architectural glass coating processes. The flexible arc management secures long running, stable processes with high throughput. The series features the TIG-DC... [See More]

  • Style: Cabinet
  • Maximum: 825
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Maximum: 240
PAD-L/LP Series -- PAD110-60L
from Kikusui America, Inc.

The PAD-L Series, high performance and high reliability, is variable DC regulated power supply used in all fields, from research and development and quality control to manufacturing plants.This Series is made up of two excellent regulators: thyristor preregulator and power transistor Series... [See More]

  • Style: Cabinet
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: 0-110 V
  • Maximum: 110
DC Supply Systems/Chargers -- Gutor SDC
from Schneider Electric, Automation & Control

Industrial thyristor rectifier from 25- 1200ADC and higher. With its broad range of possible DC voltages, the SDC is very flexible and can meet specific requirements and a wide range of autonomy times. Similar to the other products built on the xxW platform (PxW and WxW), the SDC will withstand the... [See More]

  • Style: Cabinet
  • Application: High Voltage; Nuclear Power Plants, Oil & Gas
18kW X-Ray Generator -- XR18
from Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation

OEM customization available, extensive tube protection features [See More]

  • Style: Rack Mount; Cabinet
  • Minimum: 10000
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: 10 to 60kV
  • Maximum: 60000
EMHP Series -- EMHP 10-1000
from TDK-Lambda Americas Inc., High Power Division

Based on a regulated SCR phase control topology, fully programmable [See More]

  • Style: Cabinet
  • Minimum: 1
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +0.75 V; +1.0 V; +1.5 V; +1.8 V; +2.5 V; +3.3 V; +5 V; 0-10 volts
  • Maximum: 10
HPS Series -- HPS-1000
from ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

For electron beam evaporation, solid state type [See More]

  • Style: Cabinet
  • Maximum: -4000
  • Minimum: -10000
  • Minimum: 0.0