Style / Mounting:Other DC Power Supplies Datasheets

from Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

ArmorPower Single 24VDC Output 91W PS [See More]

  • Style: On Machine
  • Maximum: 24
  • Minimum: 24
  • Minimum: 3.8
48Vdc Small Cell Power Supply with Inbuilt Battery -- Cellect 600
from Alpha Technologies Ltd.

48V/600W telecom grade outdoor power system, Class 4/IP65 [See More]

  • Style: Wall Mount; Bracket for Pole Mounting
  • Minimum: -55
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: -48 V; -48 to -55Vdc
  • Maximum: -48
DC DC Converters -- 179-2264-ND
from Digi-Key Electronics

PWR SUP 250W 3.3/5/12/-12V QUAD [See More]

  • Style: Module; Compact PCI®
  • Number of Outputs: 4
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +12 V; -12 V
  • Efficiency: 82.2
Linear Encapsulated Power Modules
from Polytron Devices, Inc.

Our linear encapsulated power modules are UL, CE and CSA approved and feature a high isolation voltage option, short circuit protection and super low noise. This series offers bench adapters which are designed for all single and dual linear power supplies in cases A, B, C and D. Medical linear power... [See More]

  • Style: Board; Chassis
  • Minimum: -24
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +5 V; -5 V; +12 V; -12 V; +15 V; -15 V; +24 V; -24 V; +48 V; 10,+/- 18, 50, 75, 100, 150, 180, 200, 250 V
  • Maximum: 250
131892 [TMT 30215 from Traco Manufacturing, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

Input Voltage:85 - 264 Vac; 85 - 370 Vdc; Output Voltage:+15/-15V dc; Output Current:1; 1A; Power Rating:30W; Package:Encapsulated; Type:Switch Mode; Dimensions:28x51x76mm; Efficiency:83%; MTBF: >1,800,000h; Load Regulation:500mV [See More]

  • Style: Encapsulated
  • Minimum: 1
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +15 V; -15 V
  • Maximum: 1
Full Brick AC-DC Power Supply -- PFE1000F
from TDK-Lambda Americas Inc.

Features. Low profile, small size. 100 °C baseplate temperature. High power density. High Efficiency [See More]

  • Style: Full Brick
  • Minimum: 12
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +12 V; +28V; +48 V
  • Maximum: 48
Model 650 Loop Power Supply -- 650-120-12
from Time Mark Corporation

The Model 650 Loop Power Supply provides DC power for instrumentation control modules. Each option provides three output selections as shown in the table below. For example the Model 650-240-24 has output options of 24 VDC regulated, 32 VDC unregulated, and 60 Hz pulse at 46 peak volts. All outputs... [See More]

  • Style: Module; 8-pin Socket
  • Minimum: 12
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +12 V
  • Maximum: 12
CCH400/600 Series AC-DC Power Supply -- CCH400PS12
from XP Power

This AC-DC single output product family, fitted with a 5 V standby rail and interface signals also features efficiencies in excess of 90%. The discrete design of the CCH allows for all heat dissipating components to be connected to the baseplate, optimising efficiency and resulting in a very compact... [See More]

  • Style: Chassis
  • Minimum: 34
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +12 V
  • Maximum: 34
PMK150U Series -- Model PMK150S-12U
from Astrodyne Corporation

Switching power supplies with PFC [See More]

  • Style: Board; Open Frame; U Channel Cage
  • Minimum: 12
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +12 V
  • Maximum: 12
PSR Series - Relays/Power Supplies -- PSR-2100
from Automation Products Group, Inc.

Excitation power supply for level sensors with relay output, ABS housing [See More]

  • Style: Module; DIN Rail (optional feature); Surface Mounting
  • Minimum: 22
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +24 V
  • Maximum: 26
PS Series Switching Power Supply -- PS-MON-A

12 VDC molded cordset power supply, 5A, 60W output, 100-240 VAC input, integral 4 ft. output cable with 5.5 mm coaxial power plug (ID 2.5mm/OD 5.5mm/barrel length 10mm/inside positive), standard AC cord included. Intended for use with FL series of industrial monitors.. [See More]

  • Style: Wall Mount; External Power Supply; Cordset Power Supply
  • Minimum: 12
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +12 V
  • Maximum: 12
SPA Series Switching Power Supplies -- SPA-030-05
from Autonics USA, Inc.

For over 35 years, Autonics has been satisfying the automation needs of customers using sensors and controls, keeping their machines and production facilities running with a quality and reliability that they can count on. Autonics directly manufactures, with no outsourcing, automation components... [See More]

  • Style: Surface Mount
  • Minimum: 5
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +5 V
  • Maximum: 5
Security Power Supplies DSN Series -- Model DSN-20-12
from DuraComm Corporation

DSN Series Features: Sturdy NEMA 1 enclosure. 20 PTC 1.3 Amp individually fused circuits. Connect and power 20 devices simultaneously. Suitable for use with cameras, timers and other CCTV equipment [See More]

  • Style: Panel Mount NEMA Enclosure
  • Minimum: 12
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +12 V
  • Maximum: 12
ELC Series Power Supplies -- ELC-PS01
from Eaton Corporation - Power Control & Logic Components

These compact power supplies are an economical solution for 24 Vdc power needs. The lightweight, DIN-rail-mounted enclosures, wide input voltage range and robust screw terminals ensure easy install and use. Eaton's ELC power supplies were designed for use with Eaton logic controllers, but they suit... [See More]

  • Style: DIN Rail; Panel Mount
  • Minimum: 24
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +24 V
  • Maximum: 24
from Electronic Solutions Associates

300W AT DOC,UL,CSA,CE,VDE [See More]

  • Style: PC Tower Power Supply
  • Display: None
  • Output Power: 300
  • Application: Computer
OS Series -- OS200*10
from Glassman High Voltage, Inc.

Power factor corrected,arc quenched and sensing,low ripple,tight regulation [See More]

  • Style: Stack
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: 200 kV
  • Maximum: 200000
Switching Mode 350W Power Supply -- PPS350-10
from Global Power Corp.

Derate each output at 2.5% per degree from 50-70 deg C, optional cover [See More]

  • Style: Open Frame; U-Channel
  • Minimum: 5
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +5 V
  • Maximum: 5
150 Watt U-Frame Dual Output Switching Power Supply -- LV150DU-0312
from LHV Power

Product Features: Auto-ranging AC input with Power Factor Correction. Small Size - only 5 x 3.2 x 1". 150 Watt Operation with 16 cfm airflow. 100 Watt Convection Cooled Operation. 100% Burn-in, hi pot tested. Price competitive design. Signals including Enable & DC OK and. Auxiliary Fan Output... [See More]

  • Style: U-Frame
  • Minimum: 12
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +3.3 V; +12 V
  • Maximum: 24
Inverters -- ProUPS
from LTI Power Systems, Inc.

The LTI 120VDC ProUPS inverter line is designed for industrial applications as well as office use. The LTI inverter converts the DC input source into clean, reliable, uninterruptible AC power. The wide DC input acceptance range of 105vdc to 150vdc allows operation from different types of DC power... [See More]

  • Style: Rack Mount; Floor Mount
  • Phase  : Single-Phase; Three-Phase
  • Load Regulation: -2 to 2
  • Display: Analog / Visual Indicator Display
Brick Power Supply -- G4PS24XA
from Opto 22

Brick Power Supply 7 Bricks 120 VAC [See More]

  • Style: Board Mount; Open Frame; Panel Mount
  • Minimum: 24
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +24 V
  • Maximum: 24
EASYMOD AE - 80 D Series -- AE-80D 5V
from Power Solutions Inc.

IF WHAT YOU WANT IS WHAT YOU NEVER GET IN DC INPUT SWITCHERS, the POWER SOLUTION for up to 80 watts steady state of high reliability, 24 or 48 VDC input power can be found in the AE-80D family of 3.2" x 5" U-Channel mounted EASYMOD switchers. These models are standardly available in a complete range... [See More]

  • Style: Board; Open Frame; UChannel
  • Minimum: 5
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +5 V; -5 V
  • Maximum: 5
Unregulated DC Power Supply -- IP402
from Schneider Electric Motion USA

IMS unregulated DC power supplies deliver optimum power for top driver performance. The IP402, IP404, IP406 and IP804 can be rack or panel mounted. The IP406 provides both cost and space savings in multiple 40/48 VDC driver applications. [See More]

  • Style: Open Frame; Rack Mount (optional feature); Panel Mount
  • Number of Outputs: 1
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: 39 V
  • Polarity: Positive
Industrial 24 VDC Power Supply -- RM-PS-024-01F
from Sixnet

These SIXNET industrial power supplies are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the industrial devices they power. They are ideal for any industrial application where consistent performance and long term reliability are a must. [See More]

  • Style: DIN Rail; Flat to Panel
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +24 V
  • Maximum: 1
Custom OEM Models -- CT Scanner Supply
from Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation

Specifically designed to meet the exacting req. for helical scanning [See More]

  • Style: CT Configuration
  • Minimum: 0.0
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +0.75 V; +1.0 V; +1.5 V; +1.8 V; +2.5 V; +3.3 V; +5 V; -5 V; +12 V; -12 V; +15 V; -15 V; +24 V; -24 V; +28V; -28 V; +30 V; -30 V; +48 V; -48 V; 0 to 82.5kV
  • Maximum: 82500
GENH Series -- GENH100-7.5
from TDK-Lambda Americas Inc., High Power Division

1U half-rack size, wide range input, front panel lockout [See More]

  • Style: Rack Mount; Half-Rack Size
  • Minimum: 10
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: 100V
  • Maximum: 100
VIPAC Power System -- VP-A
from Vicor Corporation

CE marking, UL transient protection, inrush current limiting [See More]

  • Style: Desktop (optional feature); Thru-Hole Mount
  • Minimum: 2
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +3.3 V (optional feature); +5 V (optional feature); +12 V (optional feature); +15 V (optional feature); +24 V (optional feature); +28V (optional feature); +48 V (optional feature); 2V, 36V
  • Maximum: 48
25 Watt Industrial Power Supply -- 25IP SERIES
from XCEL Power Systems, Ltd.

bull; High Reliability. • Non Isolate. • Wide temperature. Range. • Short Circuit. Protection. GENERAL SPECIFICATION. ¨ 48v DC ±10% Intermediate BUS Voltage. ¨ Single Output +2.5v DC ~ 15v DC (Max 25watt or 5A max). ¨ Case operating Temperature Range -40 °C to... [See More]

  • Style: Surface Mount Technology utilised
  • Minimum: 2.5
  • Discrete DC Output Voltage: +2.5V DC ~ 15 V DC
  • Maximum: 15

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