Finish:None Torsion Springs Datasheets

Torsion Spring -- TO-1000
from Century Spring Corp.

Century Spring offers a selection of torsion springs with legs of equal length oriented at varying unloaded angles. Torsion springs can store and release angular energy or statically hold a mechanism in place by deflecting the legs about the body centerline axis. They offer resistance to twist or... [See More]

  • Finish: None; Can be plated upon request
  • I.D.: 0.3750
  • Units: English; Metric
  • O.D.: 0.4990
Torsion Spring -- 1112270135ML
from Gardner Spring, Inc.

Torsion Springs [See More]

  • Finish: None
  • O.D.: 1.67
  • Units: English
  • Wire Diameter: 0.1350
Torsion Spring -- TBJ-012-045-S-L
from D.R. Templeman Company (The)

Torsion Spring [See More]

  • Finish: None
  • I.D.: 0.1560
  • Units: English
  • O.D.: 0.1800
from Fox Valley Spring Company, Inc.

Radius 0.375 inches. [See More]

  • Finish: None; Black Oxide (optional feature); Passivate (optional feature); Zinc (optional feature); E-coat, cadmium, anodizing, powder coat
  • O.D.: 0.2040
  • Units: English
  • Wire Diameter: 0.0140
from MSDivisions

Custom springs available upon request [See More]

  • Finish: None (optional feature); Black Oxide (optional feature); Gold Irridite (optional feature); Passivate (optional feature); Zinc (optional feature); Special Order
  • O.D.: 0.1000
  • Units: English
  • Wire Diameter: 0.0120