Cavitron Reactor System -- 1008
from ARDE Barinco, Inc.

Operating at up to 13,000 RPM, Cavitron rotor/stator mixers can produce as many as 500 million cavitational episodes per second. Cavitron reactor systems are based on kinematic high-frequency technology. Revolutionary process is remarkably efficient, enabling Cavitron systems to handle throughputs... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer; Rotor-Stator
  • Mounting: Stand; Overhead
  • Operating Condition: Batch; Continuous / In-Line
  • Motor Speed: 13000
Ball Mill -- Mini-Mill PULVERISETTE 23
from Fritsch GmbH - Milling and Sizing

For fine comminution of minimal quantities of dry laboratory samples or solids in suspensions. For mixing and homogenisation of emulsions. Input quantity up to 5 ml. Areas of application. Well suited for sample preparation, such as in chemical analysis, chromatography, mass spectrography or x-ray... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer
  • Capacity (volumetric): 3.53E-7 to 1.77E-4
  • Media Type: Liquid with Suspended Solids; Powder or Granular
  • Operating Condition: Batch
1 1/2 HP Air Stirrer w/ Chuck -- ASH150DCK
from Mixer Direct

This Air Stirrer powerhead is ready to attach to your stand and get to work. With a 10" X 5/8" stainless rod ground and polished to mate flawlessly with the SCP06262S, this motor assembly will fit most lab or small batch operations. Chuck will accept up to a 1/2" shaft. Air motor is equipped with a... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Agitators; Homogenizer; Paddle; Ribbon (optional feature); Rotor-Stator (optional feature); Single Rotor; Twin Rotor; Turbine; Vertical Turbine
  • Viscosity Range: 1 to 15000
  • Media Type: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids
  • Capacity (volumetric): 0.1337 to 4.01
High Intensity Continuous Blenders
from Munson Machinery Company, Inc.

The Munson High Intensity Continuous Blender provides the added shear needed for high speed blending, homogenizing and/or de-lumping of dry ingredients, slurries and pastes. The blender can also be equipped with spray ports for large additions of liquids, which can also serve to dedust and/or... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer; Single Rotor
  • Operating Condition: Continuous / In-Line
  • Media Type: Liquids; Powder or Granular
  • Mounting: Floor Mounted
Borosilicate Glass Cylinder Hand Homogeniser -- BBI-8530700
from Sartorius Group

Hand Homogenisers are used for rapid sample preparation, e.g. for disruption of tissue samples or resuspension of cell aggregates or sediments. The classical Dounce type model has a spheric plunger and is available with wide or narrow gap. The Eppendorf vial-shaped homogeniser is used for more... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer
  • Capacity (volumetric): 1.77E-4
  • Media Type: Liquid with Suspended Solids
  • Operating Condition: Batch
BeadBlaster™ 24 Microtube Bead Homogenizer -- BR19-00
from Terra Universal, Inc.

The BeadBlaster ™ 24 completely lyses, grinds, and homogenizes even the most difficult and resistant samples, often in only 35 seconds. Free Shipping! [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer
  • Capacity (volumetric): 7.06E-5
  • Media Type: Liquid with Suspended Solids; Powder or Granular
  • Operating Condition: Batch
APV Gaulin Mono-Block
from APV, An SPX Brand

Gaulin Liquid End. An integrated design of cylinders (3 or 5), pump valves, plunger lubrication and inlet/outlet in one block. Access to plunger packings and pump valves through front and top caps. Pressure range up to 600 bar / 8700 psi. Available with poppet or ball valves. Hygienic design. [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer
  • Mounting: Floor Mounted
  • Operating Condition: Batch
Vacuum Mixer Homogenizer -- MACEF 1000
from Charles Ross and Son Company

The Ross Turboemulsifier consists of a counter-rotating turbine and a high speed rotor/stator. The rotor stator head is positioned in the bottom center of the mix vessel to enable its use with very small volumes of material. During the mixing operation the outer turbine rotates clockwise and moves... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer; Rotor-Stator
  • Capacity (volumetric): 3 to 35.31
  • Media Type: Liquids
  • Operating Condition: Batch
Cole-Parmer LabGEN 125 Homogenizer Kit, Hard tissue version -- EW-04727-11
from Cole-Parmer Instrument Company

Handle small tissue samples, PCR, RNA, and DNA up to heavy-duty tissue processing and cell disruption. Variable-speed motor performs up to 30,000 rpm. Homogenize tissue samples quickly and efficiently â €"without worrying about cross-contamination. Cole-Parmer â € ™s... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer
Model 2355 Con-torque Tissue Homoginizer
from Eberbach Corporation

Now you can homogenize tissue effortlessly for culture work as well as pathology and biological study. Eberbach ’s variable-speed Con-Torque Tissue Homogenizer gives 196 oz-in of continuous torque at all speeds providing continuous, effortless, positive grinding action. Full torque eliminates... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer
CIP & SIP Enabled Homogenizers
from GEA Process Engineering Inc.

The strict requirements listed in terms of sanitary and sterile operations call for a high design standard. Our machines are designed for CIP procedures compatible with the various industry requirements. The Niro Soavi design also allows for full steaming-in-place. The latest design developments... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer
from IKA Works, Inc.

The inline laboratory dispersing machine LABOR-PILOT 2000/4 is a homogenizing and dispersing all-rounder that can easily be converted from one process module to another. Six different modules are available. The laboratory dispersing machine LABOR-PILOT is suited for homogenizing, dispersing,... [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer
Quadro Ytron® Powder Disperser -- Model ZC0
from Quadro Engineering Corp.

Higher product yield due to the intensive wetting of the powders [See More]

  • Mixer Type: Homogenizer
  • Operating Condition: Batch
  • Media Type: Liquids; Liquid with Suspended Solids; Powder or Granular
  • Mounting: Portable