Straight PC Pins Pilot Lights and Indicator Lights Datasheets

Panel Indicators, Pilot Lights -- 492-1397-ND [PM5-A12Y12V from Bivar, Inc.]
from Digi-Key Electronics


  • Terminal Type: Straight PC Pins
  • Voltage type DC: DC
  • Lamp Type: LED Lamps
  • Rated Voltage: 12
Front Insertion Panel Indicator -- SSI-LXH1090BID
from ITW Electronic Component Solutions - Lumex

Features / Options. State-of-the-Art, LED Technology. Choice of Colors and Lens Finishes. Bi-Color Styles Optional. Insulated Lead Lenghts Optional. Easy installation through panel. Applications / Uses. Front Panel Status Indicators. Alarm/Warning Indicators. Front Panel Circuit Fault Indicators. [See More]

  • Terminal Type: Straight PC Pins
  • Flash Lamp: Flash Lamp
  • Lamp Type: LED Lamps
  • Width: 10
ASL Series
from Schurter, Inc.

SCHURTER provides both, LEDs in holders and holders without LEDs for PCB and panel mounting. Panel-mount holders are available with built-in reflector and optional built-in current-limiting resistor. [See More]

  • Terminal Type: Straight PC Pins
  • Width: 5.1
  • Lamp Type: LED Lamps
  • Height: 10.5