Voice Alarm Autodialers -- AD200
from Global Water Instrumentation

Calls up to eight numbers in any combination of telephones or pagers [See More]

  • Features: Back-up; RemotePhone
  • Visual Indicators: Digital
  • Specialty Applications: MachineFailure; High water levels, Security breaches
  • Audio Alarms: Speakers
Intrinsically Safe Annunciator -- LN1000
from MTL Instruments Group

Ideal for any installation zone, compatible with a range of alarms [See More]

  • Features: Acknowledge; Back-up (optional feature); IntrinsicallySafe
  • Specialty Applications: Process Monitoring; Hazardous Industrial
  • Zones / Alarm Points: 12 to 32
  • Visual Indicators: Lamp or Bulb Panel Display; Beacon

160-character LCD display with backlight control [See More]

  • Features: (RDP Interface, Custom Messages, Graphics); Acknowledge; Back-up; SystemTest
  • Specialty Applications: Security; Fire; Smoke
  • Zones / Alarm Points: 1 to ?
  • Visual Indicators: Digital