Square or Rectangular cable Coil Heaters Datasheets

Coil Heater -- HCO Series
from Acrolab Ltd.

Highwat coil and cable heaters are reliable, high performance, small diameter heaters used whenever a large amount of heat is required in a confined space. These heaters are fully annealed and can be formed into various shapes and forms. Coil and cable heaters can accommodate thermocouple sensors,... [See More]

  • Cable Shape: Round cable (optional feature); Square (optional feature)
  • AC Voltage Required: 120 to 240
  • Maximum Temperature: ? to 1500
  • kWatts: 0.25 to 0.45
A5 Termination Coil Heater -- KH1140
from Durex Industries

Durex coil heaters feature continuous operating temperatures up to 1200 °F. Rapid heating and cooling occur, due to the low mass construction. All heating elements are sealed from contamination and the stainless steel sheath provides maximum corrosion resistance. Optional internal thermocouples... [See More]

  • Cable Shape: Square
  • AC Voltage Required: ? to 240
  • Maximum Temperature: 1200
  • kWatts: 0.25
Dyna-Flux™ -- Dyna-Flux V
from L.C. Miller Company

Water cooled, high-frequency matching transformer with a 4:1 turns ratio [See More]

  • Cable Shape: Round cable (optional feature); Square (optional feature)
  • Phase: Three Phase AC Voltage
  • AC Voltage Required: 230 to 460
  • kWatts: 5.00