CardBus Technology PCMCIA Bus Interface Cards Datasheets

Pure Networking™ 802.11g Wireless CardBus (PCMCIA) Adapter -- LW6000A
from Black Box

Pure Networking ™ 802.11g Wireless CardBus (PCMCIA) Adapter [See More]

  • Card Technology: CardBus
  • Transfer Rate: 54
GPIB Communication Card -- GP-IB(CB)F
from CONTEC Co., Ltd.

GP-IB(CB)F is Bus master transfer / high-perfomance GPIB communication PC Card for CardBus expanding a GPIB(IEEE-488/488.2) communication port to a PC. Control and data communication of GPIB machinery, data analysis of bus line are possible. GPIB communication driver (API-PAC(W32)) for Windows... [See More]

  • Card Technology: CardBus
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3 volts
  • Card Form Factor: Type II card
  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 122
ARINC 429 PCMCIA Card -- DD-42912M3-300
from Data Device Corporation (DDC)

The ARINC 429 DD-42912M3-300 and DD-42924M3-300 are two versions of a high density, Type II PCMCIA card for interfacing with an ARINC 429 data bus. The DD-42912M3-300 version features one ARINC transmit channel, two ARINC receive channels, and two discrete outputs; while the DD-42924M3-300 contains... [See More]

  • Card Technology: CardBus
  • Interface to Other Buses: ARINC 429
  • Card Form Factor: Type II card
  • Number of Ports: 6
PCMCIA Module -- PCM-225-1
from VersaLogic Corporation

PC/104-Plus interface module with 1 built-in PCMCIA card slot, stackable [See More]

  • Card Technology: PC Card Standard 95; CardBus
  • Interface to Other Buses: PC/104 (PC/104-Plus, EBX)
  • Card Form Factor: Type I card; Type II card; Type III Card
  • Number of Ports: 1