Rotary Batch Dryer/Cooler/Moisturizer -- Model 700-TH-20-SS
from Munson Machinery Company, Inc.

Munson Rotary Batch Equipment is highly effective for drying, cooling or moisturizing of bulk solid materials, independent of or in combination with, blending operations. Rotary machines can be configured for "direct" drying, cooling or moisturizing, or "indirect" drying or cooling. [See More]

  • Description / Other Type: Rotary Batch
  • Application / Industry: Bulk Solid Materials
Donaldson Ultrafilter<reg> Oil/Wat -- GO-29578-00
from Cole-Parmer

Donaldson Ultrafilter ® Oil/Water Separator, 0.5 GPH. Ideal for oil and water mixture separation to purify and to safely dispose condensate from air compressors. Features coalescing filter to siphon free floating oil into an oil can. Activated carbon absorber bags with polypropylene preadsorber... [See More]

  • Description / Other Type: oil/water separator
  • Application / Industry: Oil / Fuel
ZHF Centrifugal Discharge Filter System -- ZHF
from Pall Corporation

Automatic discharge of filter cake, totally enclosed system, scavenge [See More]

  • Description / Other Type: Precoat And Solids/cake Recovery Filter
  • Application / Industry: Adhesives Processing; Chemical Processing; Oil / Fuel
  • Specifications: Bottom-drive, To 200sqm Filtration Area
from Siemens Water Technologies

Our patented Cyclosep vertical flotation system is a unique concept in treating produced water and contaminated wastewater. It uses specialized cyclonic and flotation technology that removes oil, grease and solids in a single vessel arrangement. State-of-the-art cyclonic technology installed in our... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: Hydrocyclone
  • Application / Industry: Oil / Fuel; Paper and Pulp Processing; Waste / Sludge; Produced Water
  • Description / Other Type: Vertical Flotation System